In the Firing Line

       Once again the man from Turkey is lashing out at those who would support President Trump’s deal of the Century. This time President Erdogan, at his meeting with his party’s provincial heads in Ankara, slammed those states that are supporting the peace plan proposed by President Trump.

     According to the Times of Israel Online Publication released on 3rd February 2020 it stated; “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last Friday blasted several Arab countries for giving general backing to a Middle East peace plan unveiled by the United States, condemning it as “treason.”

      He went on to berate those specific Arab States that support the Peace Deal of the Century singling out Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman.

       While the Man from Turkey unequivocally and openly advocates for the so called ‘Palestinian’ cause his real intention is to establish himself as the supreme Caliph of the Islamic world, to resurrect the past glory of the Ottoman caliphate and to be seen as the one who can bring stability to the whole Middle-eastern region and to re-establish Islam’s former glory.

     Of course his version of stability is to see all of the Middle-east nations subservient to the Caliphate with Sharia law enforced throughout his domain as he is an advocate of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Erdogan further added at his speech; “We never recognize and accept this plan that usurps Jerusalem entirely.” Erdogan was slamming it as a “disgraceful” scheme. “Jerusalem cannot be left to the bloody claw of Israel.” Erdogan warned that everyone would be responsible for “grave consequences” of any step that encourages Israel, which he called a “rogue state” and a “terror state” he said.

      He has also hit out at the Damascus regime’s “cruelty,” warning Turkey was prepared to use “military force” again in Syria. He stated; “We will not allow the regime’s cruelty toward its own people, with attacks and causing bloodshed.” He added that Syria was also “continuously threatening our country with migration. Turkey with complete sincerity wants Syria’s stability and security, and to this end, we will not shy away from doing whatever is necessary including using military force.”

      On Monday earlier this week there was a ‘fire-fight’ between Turkey and Syria. Eight Turkish Civilian contractors and soldiers and 13 Syrian troops were killed. Yesterday according to a report in the Washington Post Online it stated; “The exchange of fire inside Syria between Ankara and Damascus came hours after a large Turkish military convoy entered the north-western province of Idlib, the last rebel stronghold in Syria. The fighting is likely to further increase tensions between the two neighbouring countries; as such direct clashes have been rare. It could also cause friction between Russia and Turkey, which have sought to coordinate their actions in Syria.”

      The Syrian regime of Assad is in fact a hindrance to Erdogan’s plan to rule as the supreme Caliph of Islam. Saddam Hussein has long gone as has Muammar Gaddafi but the remaining dictator that also has to go is Assad. As for the Ayatollahs in Iran they will support the Caliphate and ultimately have their military forces to join the Turkish led invasion force when they invade Israel in the future. (Ezekiel 38:1-6)

      While Erdogan has been wheeling and dealing with Libya and other Islamic enclaves in Africa and other Islamic nations in the Southern hemisphere North of Australia, he also wants to take Egypt and bring it back under the heel of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Today in the Online Publication of Egypt Today it was reported that The Egyptian House of Representatives warned against the consequences of Turkey’s planned military intervention in Libya, due to the threat it poses to Egyptian national security and the stability of the Mediterranean region.

       The Egyptian House stressed; “that Egypt will not stand idle while watching such irrational and irresponsible behaviour, and will defend its national security and the interests of its neighbours, and will take all necessary measures necessary to confront these unacceptable threats and behaviours,” the parliament said in a press release published by state’s news agency MENA.

     The report also added that the Turkish steps “constitute a violation of international decisions and Security Council resolutions on Libya, driven by “sultanate illusions to control the capabilities of Arab countries,” referring to the obsolete Ottoman Empire that had controlled many parts of Southeast Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. The House of Representatives condemned the Turkish endeavour to destabilize the region, under the slogan of “the Ottoman legacy”, and support to extremist groups to achieve these ambitions, led by the “terrorist” Muslim Brotherhood organization, saying that they contributed to “fuelling conflicts in the Arab region.” 

     While the Man from Turkey has plans for Israel and America on the backburner at present there is no doubt that he has both Syria and Egypt in the firing line.

      As we see these events unfolding we see the final war being fermented between the King of the North (Turkey) and with the King of the South (Egypt). History and the Bible reveal the past wars between the Ptolemy’s of Egypt with the Seleucids from Syria. (Daniel 11:1-35)

     These historical wars between the kings of the North with the kings of the South are the harbingers of the final war to come between the last King of the North with the King of the South. (Daniel 11:40) Erdogan needs Syria as it will give him total access to the Golan Heights and for the invasion of Israel where he plans to set up his caliphate at Jerusalem. Assad must be removed for this to happen.

       On the basis of past history and scripture this last war between the King of the North with the King of the South will see Egypt fall to Turkey. (Daniel 11:42-43) Possibly as a spin off from this North South conflict there will be a “Face-Off” between Turkey and the United States that will see the nations of the world drawn into a war unlike any previous wars in history? This would be an all-out war between Islam and the west and a judgement on all the nations of the world that have not turned back to God. (Daniel 11:36-44) (Revelation 9:13-21)

      This last King of the North will be the man of sin who will meet his demise at Jerusalem and that not by any human agency but at the hands of the Messiah. (Daniel 11: 45) (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, 8)