Digital Despotism

(Revelation 13:16-17) “He (it) also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his (its) name.”

Earlier this year in February 2023 the World Economic Forum held the World Government Summit 2023 in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The theme of this Summit was “Shaping Future Governments.” The Summit brought so called thought leaders, global experts and decision makers from around the globe to share and contribute to the development of tools, policies, and models that in their ideology are essential in shaping future governments. There were more than 250 ministers, and more than 10,000 government officials.

Watching the opening meeting with Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum at the podium addressing the delegates, it was worth noting that there were many Arab leaders and delegates from Middle-Eastern and Islamic countries present. One of the platforms addressed in a panel discussion during the Summit was the matter of a global digital currency which would eliminate cash and bring in a monetary system through advanced technology that could be monitored from a centralised form of governmental control.

Masters of the World?

Klaus Schwab was speaking about the so called ‘benefits’ to society of various technologies that in reality had nothing to do with the welfare of the world’s population but everything to do with manipulation of the masses  related to population control at every level of society especially the area of a global financial system. He said; “Those who master these technologies in some way will be masters of the world.” Where have you heard this kind of rhetoric before? Of course the area which would promote this kind of agenda is money! The whole Muslim world is being exposed to this global agenda of those who would play at being God! It is in reality another form of the Tower of Babel which was an affront to God!

Islamic Banking and Finance

According to a report online in Techwire Asia it states; “Islamic banking continues to see increased adoption by more countries and banks around the world. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) defines Islamic banking as a financial activity that is Sharia-compliant and applied through the development of Islamic economics.” According to a report in Reuters last year it stated; “The global Islamic funds market has grown by more than 300% over the last decade to nearly reach $200 billion in assets under management, the Bahrain-based General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI)… “There are 1,508 Islamic funds globally, operated by 345 Islamic financial institutions in 29 countries” according to CIBAFI.

Sharia-Compliant Financial Assets

Today, Sharia-compliant financial assets are estimated at roughly US$2 trillion, covering bank and non-bank financial institutions, capital markets, money markets and insurance. According to a report in the online website “The World bank” it states; “The Global Islamic Finance Development Center is a knowledge hub for developing Islamic finance globally, conducting research and training, and providing technical assistance and advisory services to World Bank Group client countries interested in developing Islamic financial institutions and markets. Islamic finance has emerged as an effective tool for financing development worldwide, including in non-Muslim countries. Major financial markets are discovering solid evidence that Islamic finance has already been mainstreamed within the global financial system.”

The ‘Mark’ of the Beast Empire

In Revelation chapter 13:16 we are told that the Second beast empire, being the first beast empire resurrected in this second one, that everyone within the boundaries of this empire at every level of society will have to take a “mark” on their right hand or on their forehead if they want to buy or sell. In the light of microchip technology the number or the name of this beast empire would be included in this mark by which those who having received it can be electronically or digitally traced. Global leaders are now working towards digital currency which requires that those who use it to exchange money or to buy or sell to have a digital ID number to do their transactions. Cash will no longer be used. Through this digitally controlled system of governance every aspect of people’s lives will be monitored as they are now doing in China. The Islamic world is not backwards in technology and Islamic financial institutions are growing very fast globally and open to using digital currency that is now well entrenched in the world of global finance.

Technological Tyranny

All of us use credit cards as it is more convenient than cash. At present cash is still used by many primarily among the older generation however, the younger generation are using the technology of electronic currency. At present electronic transactions are developing through using one’s Smart Phone or wrist watch and there are millions now who are actually using an imbedded chip in their hand to do their purchasing and banking. It is clear that the WEF (World Economic Forum) wants to see population control through this medium of technology. If people’s finances can be controlled then they can be controlled as we are now seeing in China with their digital currency system facilitating a reward of penalty system on the population. From the human perspective money is power and if one has enough of it they can control those who don’t have it.

Christ of the Antichrist?

We are told in Revelation Chapter 13 that those who take this final “mark” and do so voluntary will ultimately end up in the lake of fire to be tormented forever and that without reprieve (Revelation 14:9-11). This worship of the beast system of governance will not only require subservience to this system of government, but also require an act of allegiance to its overlord which in its context is the man of sin, the incarnation of Satan himself. The ultimate choice we will all have to make in the end will we choose Christ or the Antichrist?

Empowered to Endure

In Revelation 14: 12-13 we are told that in light of these things as New Covenant believers in the Messiah our Lord Jesus that we are called by God to endure what is happening because all those who have their allegiance to the Lord Jesus will be singled out for persecution and martyrdom within the realm of this beast empire because they will not go along with this antichrist system of government (Revelation 13:7) (Daniel 7:21; 12:7b) (Revelation 12:17) (Revelation 20:4). This endurance of the saints called for by God will be achieved by those who obey His commandments and remain faithful to Jesus through the supernatural enabling power of the Holy Spirit (1 Peter 4:14). Added to this, we also see a word of encouragement from a voice in heaven commanding John to write; “blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on” and this great truth affirmed by the blessed Holy Spirit Himself that these persecuted and martyred saints of God will rest from their labours and that their works will follow them. Their reward for their works at the Judgement Seat of the Messiah will be great indeed! (Revelation 20:4-6) (2 Corinthians 5:10-11).

Its “wound” has been healed

I would like to suggest, based on the Word of God and in light of the history, that the first beast empire mentioned is Revelation Chapter 13 is the beast empire of Islam which received a seemingly death wound in 1922 when the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate was abolished after the empires defeat at the hands of the western nations in 1917 that also witnessed Jerusalem liberated from Islamic dominance by the British forces under General Allenby. The Turkish Ottoman Empire lasted for more than 600 years and it was this empire that actually toppled the remains of the Eastern leg of the Roman Empire. Once again this Islamic empire is rising to power, having recovered from its seemingly deadly wound.

A Vast Empire of Global Proportions

At present Islam is divided, however, when the last Caliph of Islam arises in the earth that the Muslims call the Mahdi his empire will be vast and like no other empire on earth, even eclipsing Russia, China, America and Europe. The mark of this empire will be allegiance to Allah and to Sharia law and require all within this empire to submit to its ruler and to take his mark if they want to buy or sell within the whole realm of his empire, which will be one of global proportions. Ultimately, those who refuse to take it, who refuse to worship the image of the beast system and its overlord and will not submit to him and his ideology, will be summarily beheaded, being the Islamic method of execution since the time of Mohammad. Those who are beheaded because of their loyalty to and love for the Messiah our Lord Jesus will have a glorious resurrection. They will be physically raised to life to co-reign with the Messiah in His Millennial Kingdom (Revelation 20:4).

The Financial ‘Islamic Trojan Horse’

I would also like to further suggest that Islam will become well ensconced as a ‘Trojan Horse’ within the world banking and financial system and ultimately by the power of Satan incarnated as a man, Islamic banking will be able to hijack the western banking system using the western technology of digital currency to control buying and selling throughout this vast empire of global proportions (Revelation 13:16-17).

Resurrected to Co-Reign with the Messiah!

In the end it is only the Messiah our Lord Jesus that will be able to destroy the satanic stronghold of this empire and its overlord, which the Messiah will do when He returns! After this, all of the raptured and resurrected saints, along with those who have been beheaded for their loyalty to the Lord Jesus, will together inherit the kingdom of God on earth to co-reign with the Messiah in His Messianic Millennial kingdom for a thousand years (Revelation 4:20) (Revelation 5:9-10). At the end of the Millennium when the final satanic rebellion has been swiftly put down by the Messiah, His blood redeemed, blood washed, blood sanctified  saints will enjoy Him for all of eternity in the New Jerusalem that will come down out of heaven from God to earth as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband! (Daniel 2:14-35, 44-45; 7:9-14, 17, 22, 26-27) (Revelation 5:10) (Isaiah 63:1-6) (Revelation 19:11-21) (Revelation 21:1-4).

Sustained Supernaturally

With these matters in view as New Covenant believers living at the end of the age in the day to come we will all have to look to God alone to provide what we need spiritually and physically. This is why fellowship in the Spirit around the Lord Table is vital for us spiritually. Did not the Lord provide supernaturally for Elijah’s needs through the ravens when Jezebel wanted to kill him and Elijah tired and dispirited had to hide in a cave? In our comfort zones within western Christendom, that are primarily free from physical persecution, we cannot see how God will supernaturally provide for those who are walking by faith in Him daily and know what is coming upon the faithful Body of Messiah during the last three and a half years of this present evil age (Daniel 7:21, 25; 12:7) (Revelation 12:17; 13:5-7). Even if we cannot see how God will supply our needs supernaturally during this three and a half year tribulation period at present, we will experience His abundant provision by His supernatural strength given to us by the blessed Holy Spirit when that time comes.

Obedience and Faithfulness

Even though we are not perfect if through the power of the Holy Spirit and by faith we are seeking to obey the commandments of God and remain faithful to our Lord Jesus the soon coming Messiah king of Israel, then our rescue out of this present evil age is assured according to the will of God our Father and the Messiah our Lord Jesus! As the apostle Paul writes; “Grace to you and peace from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Messiah, who gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us out of this present evil world, according to the will of our God and Father: to whom be the glory for ever and ever. Amen.


Dear brothers and sisters in Messiah we are going to see a form of global digital despotism imposed on the world’s population by and large, and it will challenge our faith to its very core that is for sure, but we can be reassured from the Word of God and from the words of the Messiah our Lord Jesus Himself that our rescue out of this present evil age with its digital despotism will surely come!