He Will Bite off More than He can Chew!

         The man from Turkey has publically stated that he will directly attack the Syrian regular forces under the Assad regime if they don’t meet Turkey’s demands. Earlier this month Syrian military forces killed 13 Turkish military personnel. Undoubtedly the man from Turkey is incensed and wants to take down the Syrian government if he can.

       According to one report in the media online President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said; “Turkey will strike Syrian government forces “anywhere” if one more Turkish soldier is hurt and could use airpower if need be.” Addressing the country’s parliament in Ankara on Wednesday he said that Turkey is determined to push Syrian government forces beyond Turkish observation posts in the north western Idlib region by the end of February. “We will do this by any means necessary, by air or ground,” he said.

      This month, Turkey has poured thousands of troops and convoys of military vehicles across the border into Idlib, including tanks, armoured personnel carriers and radar equipment, to bolster its existing military positions. On Tuesday, Erdogan said the Syrian government will pay a “very heavy price” for attacking Turkish troops in Idlib. I think the real truth is that behind the scenes he is just looking for an excuse to Attack Damascus and remove Assad period, giving Turkey total control of Syria and direct access to Israel.

        Added to this, with Assad out of the way, the man from Turkey can set up his resurrected Turkish Ottoman Caliphate at Jerusalem. (Daniel 11:45a) Of course he will have to deal with Russia and America who have economic interests in the Middle-East and of course there is Israel.

       Historically there was a despot called Antiochus Epiphanies. He was a Seleucid Greek commander who came out of Syria and invaded Egypt and Israel. His name meant “god manifest” and he was nick named “the madman.” His infamous deeds are recorded in the Book of Daniel and in the Apocrypha. He lived around a 160 years before the birth of the Lord Jesus.

       When Antiochus invaded Israel he desecrated the Temple by offering up a pig on the altar of sacrifice and stopped the Temple sacrifices. Daniel accurately foretold these events. Antiochus also forbade the reading of Torah and sought to change the Jewish laws and customs and impose Greek culture, laws, religions and cult prostitution on the Jews. (Daniel 8:9-12)

       In the Book of Daniel Antiochus is a major type of the Antichrist who will come in the same character as Antiochus. (Daniel 7:20-25) In His Olivet discourse the Lord Jesus spoke about this when He took a past event, namely the desecration of the Temple by Antiochus, and said it would happen again in the future. (Matthew 24:15)

       Now the man from Turkey I am persuaded clearly plans to invade Israel and control the Temple Mount for the ‘Palestinian’ cause and for the whole Muslim world for that matter. He will come out of Syria as Antiochus did and possibly come over the Golan Heights into Israel. He will be supported by many other Islamic nations. (Ezekiel 38:1-6) He will prove to be the Last King of the North. Daniel tells us he will attack the mightiest of fortresses with the help of his foreign god. (Daniel 11:40) He will succeed for a time in his conquest of Israel, and many countries including Egypt, Libya and the Sudan will fall to him. (Daniel 11:41-43)

        If the man from Turkey gets his way and is indeed the prophesied man of sin then at some stage Satan will enter him and drive him to conquer Jerusalem for the Arab nations and to restore the Turkish Ottoman Empire to its former glory. If he is “the king who pleases himself and exults and magnifies himself above every god and says unheard of things against the God of all heavenly beings, then he will be successful until the appointed time of God’s wrath, at which time, he, and his armed forces, will be utterly wiped out and not by human agency, but by the hand of God at Jerusalem. (Daniel 11:45)

       Let the Man from Turkey take out Assad and gain the following of the whole Muslim world. Let him set his sights on Jerusalem and the revived caliphate. Let him in a rage set out to destroy and annihilate many. Let him challenge the mightiest fortresses on earth with the dark supernatural power of his foreign god. Let him seek to be worshipped as God above all other ‘gods.’ However, at the end he will be confronted by the God of Israel and Michael the prince who protects Israel. (Daniel 12:1)

        As Daniel also writes; “He will destroy many and take his stand against the prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power.” (Daniel 8:25b) If the man from Turkey is the prophesied Antichrist he will discover to his eternal horror that in challenging the God of the Jews and the Christians “he will bite off more than he can chew!”