Then Everything Will Change!

The Man from Turkey

The man from Turkey is working hard to establish himself as the supreme leader of the Muslim world and undoubtedly as the first Caliph of a revived Turkish Ottoman Empire of global proportions. Earlier this year he had been in Pakistan consolidating his relationship with Prime Minister Imran Khan and gaining the support of Pakistan while confirming trade with that nation. Two days ago President Erdogan stated that Turkey was ready to do its part to de-escalate tension between Pakistan and India. Both Pakistan and India have solid relationships with Turkey. At another press conference with the president of Chad in Africa, he was consolidating a massive trade agreement, President Erdogan was resolute about increasing cooperation with Chad and other African countries.

Birds of a feather flock together!

There is no doubt President Erdogan is gathering to himself the Islamic nations that will ultimately invade Israel. At present Turkey’s military forces are gathering in Syria and Iran is also there and backing Turkey. There are also military groups from Libya and Sudan also operating on Syrian soil while Russia watches from the sidelines. Having said this, recently a photo was taken of Putin, Rouhani and Erdogan holding hands and smiling for the cameras. As the saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words.” While Assad of Syria is still under the supposed security umbrella of Russia there is no doubt that Erdogan wants to take out Assad and his regime period and has made this clear publically. Once this happens the whole region of Syria, Iran and Iraq will be at the command of the man from Turkey. As for Russia most likely when Damascus and the Assad regime are taken out Putin will do nothing to stop it. Damascus is destined to become a ruinous heap! (Isaiah 17:1)

200 million strong

President Erdogan’s influence is now spreading into Africa and we know from Ezekiel Chapter 38 that there will be African nations also supporting Turkey in its future military campaign against Israel including Libya and Sudan. There is no doubt that Pakistan will also join the armies of Turkey in their quest to liberate Jerusalem for the so called ‘Palestinian Arabs’, an ambition that Erdogan has already stated publically. According to 2018 statistics Pakistan’s population was 207,774,520 and around 95-98% of their population is Islamic. Also, as mentioned in previous posts, the Turkic speaking Islamic southern states of the former Soviet Union will most likely join forces with the man from Turkey. Given these population statistics Caliph Erdogan would have no problems fielding a 200 million strong Islamic military force in the Middle-East which the western democracies would find themselves hard-pressed to resist. (Revelation 9:16)

Israel and America

While America is seeking to deal with North Korea and the situation in Venezuela, it will have to deal with Russia that backs the Venezuelan dictatorship. Another key factor in this whole Middle-Eastern scenario is that there are moves in Israel to indict Prime Minister Netanyahu on charges related to bribery, fraud and breach of trust but these charges as yet have to be proved. Elections are looming on the horizon next month in Israel, something that is further weakening the nation’s unity and the last thing Israel needs right now is an election! The whole Muslim world is watching!

The Globetrotting Caliph

The globe-trotting future Caliph of Turkey is once again gathering his ultimate invasion force against Israel. This is what he is up to! In Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu is working hard to defend and protect Israel from their enemies whether they are Israel’s immediate Islamic neighbours or the European Union or the United Nations. He is bravely weathering the political storms that are coming against him and his family. In America President Trump is working hard to protect Americans and to build up the economy and increase their military capabilities while dealing with his political enemies.  President Trump is also seeking to promote America as a kind of global police force, something which eventually they will have trouble sustaining financially.

Principalities at work

If America has to deal with terrorism on its own soil or a missile attack from an unexpected source it would quickly withdraw its forces globally to fight on American soil if it meant the survival of the nation. As for the current situation in the Middle-East once American forces are withdrawn from Syria and from Iraq there will be no force to stop the Islamic hordes in the whole region uniting under the man from Turkey. Already there is a principality (a powerful demon spirit) at work behind Turkey and Iran. (Daniel 10:12-14, 20)

America and North Korea

In the latest summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump in Hanoi there was no further progress at all. President Trump cut short the Summit. What he needs to realise, and maybe he does in his deep mind, is that Kim will never dismantle his key nuclear facilities. He knows that President Trump will take military action if necessary but is playing for time. Kim Jong-un knows that Red China is also Anti-American especially since the trade-wars that have occurred between these two powerful nations. Kin Jong-un also knows that China may even yet back North Korea if America takes military action against Kim’s regime.

The Biblical perspective

In all of these tumultuous global events we need to keep in perspective the Biblical facts that the nations of the world will be increasingly tossed in the sea of discontent and disunity with their leaders not knowing the way out and that when this happens those, who believe in the Lord Jesus and looking for his return, will lift up their heads because their redemption is drawing near and is even at the very gates! (Luke 21:15-28). When the tossing of the nations as a wild stormy sea comes to its head the Lord Jesus will come back to save the world from annihilating itself, to save Israel and to destroy their enemies, to rescue His elect saints (believers) and to establish His Messianic Kingdom on earth. (Matthew 24:21-22) (Isaiah 2:1-5) (Micah 4:1-5)

Evil forces are gathering

Already we see nations taking sides as they did before the advent of WWI and WWII and WWIII may well be on the horizon in the not so distant future as foretold in the Bible. (Revelation 9:13-21) Added to this and undergirding the gathering storm, are the principalities (demonic forces) and the powers of wickedness in high places hell-bent on destroying the people of the Book (the Bible) both Jews and Christians. Satan knows that his time is short and that the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus depends on God’s prophetic purposes for Israel and Satan wants to stop it from happening, but of course he will never succeed. Satan met his first defeat at Jerusalem and he will meet his last defeat there as well! (Daniel 11:45)

Then everything will change!

As mentioned in previous posts Israel is God’s prophetic time-clock for the nations. In 70AD the clock stopped ticking and was in need of repair. God started the repairs and In 1948 the clock started ticking again when Israel became a nation after almost 2,000 years of exile. At the end of this present age the eyes of all the nations in the world will all be focused on Israel and when it looks like Israel is finished with the armies of the nations surrounding Jerusalem, the Lord Jesus will come back and then everything will change!