The Shield of Divine Protection

         There are those today within wider Christendom who see the Star of David as an occult symbol. Most of this thinking comes from those into replacement theology who try to ‘demonize’ Israel. While Israel, by and large is still a secular nation that has a lot of religious activity and a spiritually backslidden nation, they are still God’s people and inheritors of the covenant blessings given through Abraham. (Genesis 15:17-20; 17:17:1-8) Scripture also tells us that in the last days that Israel will go into God’s refining crucible during the time of Jacob’s Trouble but will be saved out of it by the Messiah our Lord Jesus. (Jeremiah 30:1-10) After God has purified the nation from its spiritual dross and defilement through His refining fire, Israel will become spiritually reborn as a nation with Jerusalem as the capital of the Messianic age to come after the Lord Jesus has returned. (Isaiah 2:1-5)

        Now the Hexagram has been used by occultists for centuries and associated with witchcraft. However the Star of David should not be called occultist because it represents a shield, not a star. For God’s people it represents the shield of divine protection. In scripture King David foreshadows the all-conquering Messiah, our Lord Jesus, when He returns to do battle for Israel and establish His Messianic Kingdom on earth. The star that symbolizes Israel today should be called the Shield of David and not the Star of David.  God Himself says in Zechariah the prophet that “He will shield Jerusalem.” (Isaiah 31:5) (Zechariah 12:8)

        As for the use of symbols in the first century the Christians used a fish with the inscription ICTHUS in Greek meaning; “Jesus Christ (Messiah) Son of God Saviour.” This fish symbol was actually of pagan origin and represented Dagon the Fish god of the Philistines. Just because it was used as a pagan symbol does not mean that in another time and place or context it could not be used to represent something altogether different. Likewise, we see the cross used as a symbol of Christianity but originally the cross was a pagan symbol and represented the sun god.

        Today the symbol of Israel is the Shield of David and when you understand its real meaning and significance it stands for God shielding His people. Having said this, the most fitting symbol for Israel I am inclined to think should be the seven candlestick Menorah as it appears in the Book of revelation to represent the Body of the Messiah, the faithful Assembly of believers corporately being both Jew and Gentile that make up the one new man in the Messiah. (Revelation 1:20) (Ephesians 2:11-22)

       In the prophet Zechariah we see two olive trees on either side of the lampstand the prophet describes. The Olive tree is the most natural term used for the nation of Israel. In Bible times the olive oil from the olive tree kept the lights of the seven candlestick Menorah in the Temple continuously burning. Spiritually they are connected. Just as the oil feeds the flame and keeps it burning so the oil of the Holy Spirit gave the initial revelation knowledge of God’s Word to Israel that became the source of spiritual light for the Church. Without the continuous oil supply the lamp would go out. The Church owes a great debt to Israel. The One new man in the Messiah, being the Body of the Messiah, has its source of spiritual light in Israel. (Romans 9:4-5; 11:15-29) Biblically the faithful Church is by extension and inclusion part of the Commonwealth of Israel and share in the blessings of the New Covenant made with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah. (Jeremiah 31:31)

        Having said this, the most appropriate symbol for Israel I am assuredly inclined to think should be the seven candlestick Menorah. This I am persuaded should be the Biblical Symbol of Israel. Added to this, in the Book of Revelation the Lord Jesus walks among the lampstands and misses nothing. So while the seven candlestick Menorah is most probably a more fitting and Biblical symbol for the nation of Israel the Shield of David is also a biblical picture of God’s divine favour as He is the one who shields Jerusalem.

        As Isaiah the prophet write; “For this is what the LORD has said to me: “Like a lion roaring or a young lion over its prey—and though a band of shepherds is called out against it, it is not terrified by their shouting or subdued by their clamour—so the LORD of Hosts will come down to do battle on Mount Zion and its heights. Like birds hovering overhead, so the LORD of Hosts will protect Jerusalem. He will shield it and deliver it; He will pass over it and preserve it.” (Isaiah 31:5)

Source: “Is The Star of David an Occult Symbol?” by James Jacob Prasch-Moriel Ministries