NEWSBITE 20.3.2024

(Daniel 2:21-22) “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, For wisdom and might are His. 21 And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise And knowledge to those who have understanding. 22 He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, And light dwells with Him”.

The Biden Administration backed by the International community is together upping the ante on pressuring Prime Minister ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu to pull back the IDF offensive in Rafah. As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan has commenced true to form the Muslims want to attack Israelis and commit acts of terrorism as they have done in previous Ramadan holy months in times past. PM Benjamin Netanyahu is adamant that they IDF will go into Rafah to take out the remaining Hamas forces.

A few days ago Biden was on the phone again to PM Netanyahu almost threatening him outright not to send the IDF into Rafah. Earlier this month Benny Gant’s visited Washington, apparently without the approval of the Israeli government undoubtedly to be pressured by Biden and Co to push the Israeli PM for a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities. Gantz has supported the war against Hamas but may well be influenced by pressure from Washington and from the political leaders in the International community to acquiesce to their demands.

The ideal scenario for the Biden Administration, it would seem, was that Israel allow the Muslims to keep the month of Ramadan, which commenced on March 10th, and for that month not continue the war with Hamas. Of course if Israel had done that it would mean they have lost the war as ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu clearly reiterated forcefully at the recent Press Conference.

Knowing the volatility of the Muslims towards Jews during Ramadan the IDF and the Israeli police force are keeping a tight watch on what occurs, especially on the Temple Mount area. Recently during a televised speech ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu looked directly into the camera and said concerning Israel and the western nations; “If we (Israel) do not stop them (Islamic terrorism) then they will come for you!”

Already we see the European Continent and Great Britain infested with Islamic Jihad minded Muslims. By and large the western politicians seem to not know, or choose not to know, that Islam is at war with the western democracies and with any nation that will not submit Islam. The war with Hamas in Gaza, with Hezbollah in Lebanon, with the Houthis in Yemen, and with Iran and with other terrorist groups in Iraq is not the real issue facing the west. The broad global picture is that WW3 has already started but as yet it has not come to a head.

Now Israel is God’s wife Biblically, and those who mess with His wife mess with Him! Israel is “the Apple of God’s Eye” (Zechariah 2:8). Historically and Biblically the ancient super powers that came against Israel such as Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome came and went. There was a time when “Britannia ruled the waves” and England was a major world power. Now it is just another minor nation in the wider scheme of global power, and that because of its neglect to care for Jesus’ brethren the Jews seeking to escape the Nazi persecution in Europe especially towards the end of WW2.

Some think that America is the No.1 Super Power in the world today but God may well bring America down to the point where it is no longer a Super Power because of the Biden regime’s attitude to Israel, especially as we see China and Russia dominating the world’ stage. It now has been reported that Iran is seeking to establish their expansionist agenda into Latin America from Argentina to Mexico.

The Iranian regime, since it began in Iran in 1979, has been consistently calling for “Death to America” and it is reported now to have ballistic missiles which Iran says can reach America, and claims to have a hypersonic missile according to one report. With alarming nonchalance, the Biden administration appears to have turned a blind eye to the Iranian regime’s concerted efforts to establish a military foothold right in America’s backyard.

Iran’s “ring of fire” that surrounds Israel on all sides seems to be mirroring that same “ring of fire” policy to threaten the United States from Latin America. Iran, for instance, has been cuddling up to like-minded socialist regimes such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Cuba, and providing them with weapons and military support, seemingly with the sinister objective of posing a threat to the United States.

A similar situation occurred in the Cuban Missile Crisis, also known as the October Crisis in Cuba, or the Caribbean Crisis. It was a 13-day confrontation between the governments of the United States and the Soviet Union, when American deployments of nuclear missiles in Italy and Turkey were matched by Soviet deployments of nuclear missiles in Cuba.

The crisis lasted from 16 to 28 October 1962. The US President at the time was JF Kennedy who was prepared to launch missiles against Russian positions if Russia had decided to launch their missiles. At that time America was in range of missiles being launched from Cuba.

Right now at this present time Russia and Iran and China are strengthening their military and technology ties and forming an alliance with each other. Undoubtedly they are planning what to do with the United States especially with the Biden Administration at the helm.

As for Biden he is the laughing stock of the world’s leaders and now an embarrassment to the left wing socialist minded politicians in the White House. If America keeps withdrawing all support for Israel then there will be dire consequences for the United States. Those who bless Israel will be blessed but those who curse Israel will themselves be cursed (Genesis 12:1-3).

America then is in big trouble as we see Biden supplying Israel with weapons on one hand but on the other hand pushing hard to get Israel to settle for a prolonged cease-fire with a Palestinian state in view. Even the International Community are backing Biden’s play in this attempt to establish the two-state solution from Hell.

In November the elections in the US are happening. Whatever you may think of Donald Trump personally there is no doubt he is by far most likely the best candidate for this time in America, but it may well be “the horse has bolted already” because America politically, morally, socially, economically and spiritually is rapidly being “flushed down the toilet” metaphorically speaking.

Donald Trump has a proven track record of really supporting Israel and other security measures established to protect the people of America. Of course America is in the hands of God as are all the nations. America’s status in the world does not depend on any man but on God alone. It is God who judges; He brings down one and exalts another (Psalm 75:7).

Now as for Biden he has reversed virtually everything that Donald Trump established for the security of Israel and for the people of America when he was in the Oval Office. If Donald Trump is not elected in November then more than likely America will be in big trouble.

Whether it is Iran, China, North Korea, Russia and every other Muslim country they are all “laughing up their sleeves” at Biden and the indolence of his administration to really deal with the head of the snake being Iran which is funding all of the main terrorist groups, and through them fighting a proxy war against Israel and the western democracies.

As for Biden and his team, they all seem to be waltzing America down the yellow brick road, arm in arm, quite indifferent it would seem to Israel’s real security and welfare, but steering America down that yellow brick road to meet at the end of it someone far more diabolical and sinister than the Wizard of Oz!

Clearly behind the scenes in the unseen spiritual realm in the atmosphere Satan is moving all nations against Israel and it spiritual offspring the Body of Messiah spiritually grafted into Israel (Revelation 12:13-17).

Satan knows that his time is now short before he is incarcerated in a very dark prison under the earth without any contact with humans for a thousand years. After that time when he is released and starts a final rebellion against the Messiah and His kingdom on earth, Satan and his followers will be cast alive into the lake of fire forever (Revelation 20:1-3, 7-15).

Now in Daniel Chapter 2:20-22 we are told that God still has everything under control where Kings and rulers of nations are concerned. In His wisdom and supreme power He not only changes times and seasons but also sets up kings and deposes them and that He makes His wisdom available to leaders of nations who seek His wisdom to govern and imparts to them the knowledge they need to put His wisdom into practice in their administrations.

Only He can reveal the deep and hidden things that reside in Him and knows what lies in places of spiritual darkness and spiritual light because pure and untainted light dwells in and with Him. God is perfect pure untainted light and no darkness at all in any way, shape or form dwells in Him (1 John 1:5).

One of the saddest things that happened when Donald Trump was in the Oval Office was that for a time he was surrounded by so called ‘Christian leaders’ who sought to be his ‘spiritual advisors’ and most of them were associated with the hyper faith prosperity and kingdom Dominion churches who were into prophesying big time!

These were prophesying over him and yet their prophecies concerning his re-election did not happen. Undoubtedly there were some faithful men in that group who genuinely sought the Biblical and spiritual welfare of Donald Trump in his decision making and policies.

If Donald Trump does get re-elected he will need to have some close spiritual advisors who are Biblically sound in their doctrine, genuinely led and reliant upon the wisdom from the Holy Spirit based on the Bible, soundly established in Eschatology from the Bible, and men who will pray for him and with him.

Right now America is in trouble and it may be that missiles will come from South America to hit American cities. If America goes it all goes! In all of these matters God still has everything under control.

As our Triune God says through the prophet Isaiah; “Remember what happened long ago, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me. I declare the end from the beginning, and ancient times from what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and all My good pleasure I will accomplish.’ I summon a bird of prey from the east, a man for My purpose from a far-off land. Truly I have spoken, and truly I will bring it to pass. I have planned it, and I will surely do it” (Isaiah 46:9-11).