NEWSBITE 18.06.2024

China is a communist country that has a record of human rights abuses and for the persecution of the Body of Messiah, the faithful Church. The ongoing persecution of ethnic and religious minorities in north western China under Xi Jinping’s administration has seen the Chinese government committing a series of ongoing human rights abuses against Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang that is often characterized or seen as persecution or as genocide. Now Australia is an island nation like Taiwan, and it is no secret that the Australian Prime Minister is a friend of China and the CCP administration. Last year at the invitation of H.E. Li Qiang, Premier of the State Council of CCP (Chinese Communist Party), Anthony Albanese met with H.E. Zhao Leji, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and these leaders had an in-depth exchange of views on China-Australia relations. It is doubtful whether the Human rights abuses and atrocities in China were even mentioned?

In the online edition of the Diplomat three days ago it was reported that in a significant move signalling improved bilateral relations, China’s Premier Li Qiang was to commence his visit to Australia between June 15 to 18, marking the first visit by a Chinese premier since 2017. He is currently doing the rounds of the various states. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has highlighted this visit as “another important step” toward stabilizing the often tumultuous relationship between the two nations. But what are China’s real intentions?

Watching a sky News video of a dinner held in honour of Li Qiang in Canberra, Anthony Albanese raised his wine glass in a toast to the Chinese Premier and to the People’s Republic of China, along with all of those attending the dinner. Other footage clearly shows Albanese almost standing in awe of the Chinese Premiere. Also in the mix was a salute to the Chinese Premier by six canons on the grounds of Parliament in Canberra marking the Chinese Premier’s arrival. What does this tell you about the Albanese regime in Australia concerning China? When ‘push comes to shove’ we can ask the question, “will the Australian Labor Party ‘sell Auatralians down the river’ to Chinese totalitarianism? “

A former Member of the Australian Parliament and a fellow believer in the Lord Jesus released an email online concerning what is happening in Australia in relation to China. He writes…

“A former Chinese spy has revealed some shocking news. Over 1,200 Chinese agents are operating here in Australia? According to this former agent from China these operatives are targeting both Chinese nationals and Australian citizens of Chinese descent, spying on them because of their faith or for their political views and reporting it back to the Chinese Communist Party regime in Beijing. These spies even arrange for people to be sent back to China through threats and intimidation rather than court orders. This is called extrajudicial extradition; forcibly sending people to China to face political charges and jail, and having no legal basis to do so. With China’s Premier Li Qiang’s visit to Australia, the time is right for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to call out this secret spy network. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese must take a stand. To do anything else is to allow China to walk all over us.

Now will he do this or soft peddle the issue? If Prime Minister Albanese does nothing, and espionage continues indefinitely, Australians will be ultimately exposed to free speech being outlawed and democracy undermined and subject to a surveillance system such as they have in China and undoubtedly this would affect the Church. The former Member of the Australian Parliament continues to write…

“Chinese elites are swiftly becoming the largest foreign landowners in Australia, increasing their landholdings from 1.5 million hectares to a staggering 14.4 million hectares in just one year. China’s focus on strategic assets like mines and agribusinesses raises significant concerns about economic control and national security. As Chinese elites acquire majority stakes in Australian companies, they indirectly gain control over more land, posing potential risks to national security and citizen privacy. Alarmingly, Australia has sold off essential ports, like the Port of Darwin which is leased to a Chinese company linked to the People’s Liberation Army. There are genuine fears that Australia could effectively become a colony of China.”

With China at present seeking to expand its power in the South Pacific region, and with an Australian government dancing the political ‘military two step’ with the CCP, it could well be that at the behest of the current socialist minded Australian government headed up by Anthony Albanese, that Australia might become a colony of China or a casualty of Chinese aggression?  For Australia it could be a possible military confrontation with China, or a capitulation to China by a subservient Australian Labor Government more than willing to embrace CCP policy at the expense of Australians who voted the Labor Party in.

We know that the CCP in China persecutes the faithful Body of Messiah forced to worship underground because they cannot call Jesus Lord and Xi Jinping lord at the same time. Could it be that the time is coming for Australia when faithful New Covenant Bible believers will be forced to go underground if the CCP of China sets up a government controlled totalitarian surveillance regime in Australia as a colony of China, and that at the invitation of an Australian Labor Government in reality only concerned with saving its own skin and promoting socialist ideology?

Now is the time for the wider Body of Messiah in Australia to realise the real possibilty that perhaps this may happen sooner rather than later?  We know from what the Messiah our Lord Jesus told us that as His Body of belivers on earth that we would be hated by all nations and this is a reality happening today and will be a conspicuous mark of the beast empire of the Antichrist (Matthew 10:22) (John 15: 18-21) (Revelation 13:5-7).

If the socialist, left wing anti-Israel Labor Government of Australia continues to do business with China, and walk as it were on ‘egg shells’ when in the presence of chinese government officials, then the day may come when the faithful Body of Messiah in Australia is forced underground, while the established denominational Church system and many of its leaders, will inevitably embrace compromise and capitulate to the totalitarian regime of China and to the dictates of a subservient Australian government.

Time will tell of course if this will happen, and whether Australia will inevitably become a colony of China or a surveillance nation where freedom of speech and the expression of one’s faith in the Messiah will be severely censured?  Brothers and sisters in Messiah persecution will never prevail over the power of God, and the gates of hell will never prevail over the faithful Body of Messiah, no matter what Satan throws its way! In the end we win and throughout etenity we will sing the victory Song of Moses, the servant of God and the song of the Lamb! (Revelation 12:13) (Matthew 16:18) (Exodus 15:1-18) (Revelation 15:2-4).