Is the Iranian Nuclear Deal Really Dead?

Forwarned is to be forearmed

In March 1934 Winston Churchill told the British Parliament; “”Germany is arming fast, and no one is going to stop her.  “I dread the day when the means of threatening the heart of the British Empire should pass into the hands of the present rulers of Germany …. I dread that day, but it is not, perhaps, far distant.” Throughout the 1930’s, Winston Churchill spoke out concerning German rearmament, Britain’s lack of comparable military strength, and Adolf Hitler. Winston Churchill may have been “a lone voice” among the European politicians and the only one who really understood Germany’s intentions. He became one of the greatest British prime ministers ever who led England through the dark days of WWII. In 1938 Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of England at the time, came back from Germany waving a piece of paper signed by Adolph Hitler that Germany would not go to war. With an air of jubilance Chamberlain said to the media; “Peace for our time.” In 1939 Germany invaded Poland and kick started WWII.

The ‘Winston Churchill’ of Israel

Today I watched the latest video presentation by Prime Minster Netanyahu exposing the lies and deception of the Iranian leadership and the fallacy of the Iranian Nuclear deal brokered by Obama. In this video presentation it clearly showed that Israeli intelligence had secretly obtained 100,000 files from inside of Iran specifically showing the Iranian nuclear development programme. As I watched Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly warning of Iran’s intentions I could not help but think that he may well become the Winston Churchill of Israel as they face the threat of Iran. Of course the stakes are much higher as we are now living in the nuclear age. After his presentation Prime Minister Netanyahu said; “Iran lied about having a nuclear weapons programme and we have a 100,000 files to prove it.” He continued to say that even after the Iranian nuclear deal under Obama, Iran continued to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons know how for future use, he asked the question; “why would they meticulously keep files and hide them to use at a later date?” He also said; “Iran lied in 2015 when it didn’t come clean to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) as required by the nuclear deal that had been brokered by Obama.” Prime Minster Netanyahu added; “The Iran deal is based on Iranian lies and Iranian deception and we have a hundred thousand files to prove it. The one hundred thousand files prove they lie! Iran continues to lie.”

Decision time!

On April 22nd in a public television interview Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif said; “We never wanted to produce a bomb.” Of course Taqiyya (the Islamic art of lying) is ‘the name of the game’ for all Muslims engaged in Jihad. In concluding his presentation Prime Minister Netanyahu concluded by saying “the nuclear deal gives Iran a clear path to an atomic arsenal giving them unlimited enriched uranium within a few years, continued development of Ballistic missiles and fails to address Iran’s nuclear weapons programme and weaponalization.” On May 12th President Trump must decide whether to totally scrap the nuclear deal with Iran. While his European counterparts are calling for a moderation of sorts concerning the existing nuclear deal with Iran will President Trump stand his ground and go against the tide? Added to this will he and the European allies take measures to stop Iran’s nuclear development plans in their tracks? Did the European allies of Great Britain listen to Winston Churchill? Will the European leaders, who have already experienced the stamp of Islamic terrorism within their own nations, listen to Prime Minster Netanyahu? Will President Trump listen to prime Minister Netanyahu? Hopefully President Trump will stand his ground and decide against the deal and in deciding to do this will also be a decision to defend Israel. Will he do it?

Their Finest Hour

In the end the Bible tells us that there will be a war between Israel and Iran in the latter days. (Daniel 10:12-14, 20) In this war the Messiah our Lord Jesus and Michael the Archangel and Prince who protects Israel will go to fight with the principality (demonic territorial spirit) standing over the Iranian regime. (Daniel 10:20; 12:1) Israel will win this war because Iran will be fighting God and I am further persuaded that Prime Minister Netanyahu will prove to be the Winston Churchill of Israel in the dark days that still lay ahead for Israel. Ultimately Israel is to face their darkest hour in history but will be saved out of it. (Jeremiah 30:1-7) At the end of this Time of Trouble for Jacob it will not only have been Israel’s darkest hour but also their finest hour!

The best man for the top job!

I really love Prime Minister Netanyahu and believe he is still the best man for the top job in Israel and he needs our prayers and to come to know His Messiah our Lord Jesus. Prime Minister Netanyahu is by far the best man to lead Israel at this critical time in their history as a nation. I am also persuaded that he is favourable towards Messianic believers, having recently appointed a young Messianic believer to his staff. It would not surprise me at all if while the European politicians are debating what to do about Iran that Israel makes the first strike against a regime ‘hell bent’ on Israel’s destruction and that of America. I am reminded again of a video clip I watched last year when an Ayatollah in Iran was exhorting a very large group of young Iranian men to hate America and Israel. After he had finished his satanic rhetoric the young men in unison cried out “death to Israel” and “death to America.”

He who wins!

If President Trump does not totally scrap the nuclear deal with Iran and gives into the protests from his political counterparts in Europe to modify the deal, then that decision, will in the long term have series ramifications and possible consequences for America. If Iranian nuclear development is not stopped then one day Iran will have a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead capable of reaching American soil.If Iranian nuclear development is not stopped then one day Iran will have a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead capable of reaching American soil. Already Iranian ballistic missiles can reach anywhere in the Middle East and even as far as Russia. It may well be it is not America that saves Israel but Israel that saves America? In the end it is only the Lord Jesus the Anointed Messiah of Israel that can save the world from total annihilation and for the sake of His elect saints He will do just that when He comes back! (Matthew 24:21-22)