God’s “Flashpoint”

Who cares about Assad?

As we see Turkey, Iran, Russian and American forces in Syria the question can be asked why are they all there in Syria? America is keeping a check on the Assad regime who himself wants American forces out of Syria. Russia does not really care about the Assad regime; neither does Turkey and President Erdogan has publically said that he wants to get rid of Assad, why did he say this? Because President Erdogan wants to be Caliph and Assad is ‘the spanner in the works.’ Do any of these nations present in Syria really care about protecting Syria or could it be that there is another reason why they are there that is not really reported in the mainstream media who are ‘hell-bent’ on ‘bashing’ Israel most of the time, not to mention the EU and the UN’s continuing hostility towards Israel.

Oil on the Golan Heights!

Now it seems that America is a friend and ally of Israel and President Trump and his administration has clearly shown this to be true, unlike his predecessor Obama, ‘a pawn of Islam’ if the truth be known. The “flashpoint” for Israel and these nations, currently in Syria, is the Golan Heights. Not only is the Golan Heights a potential ‘Achilles heel’ for Israel’s security but also on the Golan Heights are massive underground oil reserves and right now there is drilling for oil going on in the Golan Heights by American Oil Companies. One in particular is the Genie Oil and Gas Company, a huge and financially solvent conglomerate with an advisory board that includes such luminaries as Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild and Richard Cheney. This fact is one of the best kept secrets in the media. You can imagine that if this oil company went into production, then the disputed Syrian land issue occupied by Israel would come to the forefront of the news.

Israel’s sovereignty

America has a huge economic interest in the Golan Heights and they want to keep it so they must remain friends with Israel. Turkey has an added interest in gaining the Golan Heights as they would have direct access to Israel’s Northern border and President Erdogan would be able to take control of East Jerusalem especially the Temple Mount area. Already he has publically stated that he wants to relocate the Turkish Embassy to East Jerusalem which would endorse his ambition to be the caliph of the whole Muslim world. While Israel has sovereignty over the Golan Heights Turkey, Iran and Syria are being kept at bay and American economic interests protected.

‘Land for peace deal?’

If Israel ever gives back the Golan Heights to Syria as another ‘land for peace deal’ they would find Hezbollah moving in with the blessing of Iran and Turkey to send rockets into Israel. Look what happened when Israel pulled out of Gaza and withdrew Jewish settlers from there in 2005. Hamas moved in and now regularly send rockets into Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government is still in power despite the potential threat he has faced this week to remove him from office over the business concerning Israel invading Gaza once again to deal decicively with Hamas. While he remains in power he will never give up the Golan Heights to Syria because he really cares for Israel’s security.

Russia’s rhetoric

As for America, if Israel ever did relinquish the Golan Heights, America could find themselves drawn into a war with Turkey, Iran and possibly even with Russia. According to a report on the 12th October this year in the online publication of Memo Middle East Monitor their headline read; “Russia rejects Israel’s claim to sovereignty over the Golan Heights.” Part of the article read; “Russia has rejected Israel’s claim to sovereignty over the Golan Heights which has been under Israeli occupation for 51 years. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov indicated that his country will not agree to any change of status of the Golan Heights, insisting that Moscow, along with the large majority of the international community, considers it to be occupied Syrian territory. The status of the Golan Heights is determined by the resolutions of the UN Security Council,” Lavrov was quoted by Tass as telling reporters “To change this status bypassing the Security Council, I think, would be a direct violation of these resolutions.”Lavrov’s remarks appear to be a direct response to comments made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when standing on the Golan Heights and declaring that it will remain under Israeli sovereignty.”

Oil: God’s “Flashpoint”

If massive oil reserves are continuing to be discovered in Israel and the oil reserves under the Golan Heights eclipses the amount of oil reserves underground in Saudi Arabia and Iran, then even the UN and the EU may well become involved in who has control over the Golan Heights. This could be the catalyst that brings the nations of the world against Israel for ‘spoil’ (oil?) (Ezekiel 38:12 KJV) According to the prophet Joel God Himself will bring these armies and their multitudes down into Israel into the valley of Jehoshaphat, the valley of decision, and there to pass judgement on them there for the way they have divided up His land of Israel and treated His people. (Joel 3:1-3, 14-16) The ‘hook in the jaws’ God will use to do this may well be the oil on the Golan Heights. This will be God’s “flashpoint.” Once the invading army has taken the Golan Heights they will advance towards Jerusalem and after this the Time of Jacob’s Trouble will commence for “times, time and half a time.” (3.5 years).

The Regeneration

As for America by then they may be fighting the ‘Islamic Trojan Horse’ on their home soil or alternatively dealing with the collateral damage due to missile strikes from an unexpected source, making them unable to maintain a military presence in the Middle-East. In the end the only one who will save this planet from total annihilation will be the Lord Jesus the Anointed Messiah. For the sake of His elect saints and for Israel’s deliverance God will cut those days short and bring about “the regeneration” of all things when the Lord Jesus comes back to destroy the Antichrist, judge the nations, and to inaugurate and establish His Millennial reign and Messianic Kingdom on earth. (Matthew 24:21-22) (Matthew 19:28)