Edom Will Become ‘Toast!’

        It  would seem the Arab Gulf States located in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula have been currying favour with Israel. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates are the States involved. According to a report earlier this month in the Foreign Affairs Publication Online an article appeared concerning this possible formation of a united front between the Gulf States and Israel against Iran…

        Part of the article read; “Not long ago, such a thaw in Arab-Israeli relations would have been unthinkable, and many view the recent flurry of diplomatic activity as heralding a rapprochement of historic proportions. There is some truth to this narrative. The monarchs of Gulf States no longer consider the Palestinian issue as central a priority as they once did. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, long a seemingly insurmountable barrier to closer ties, has therefore receded into the background, allowing the Gulf state governments to take public, if cautious, steps toward normalizing their relations with Jerusalem. They have even acquiesced to the Trump administration’s paradigm-shifting pro-Israel policies, such as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights.”

         The main ‘player; in the Gulf States are the Saudis. The reality is that Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States are worried about Iran. The Saudis are “cuddling up” to the United States as they seek assurances of protection against Iran which has made no apologies about wanting to hit Saudi Arabia hard. Of course the Iranian nuclear deal brokered by Obama had gone a long way in fostering and fuelling the fear of the Saudis and its sister states in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula concerning Iranian aggression in the region. However, the descendants of Esau in the Arab world in their deep minds are still hostile to Israel and if the Iranian ‘threat’ went away then Esau’s descendants the Arab nations would continue their militancy and distain for Israel and no doubt even back the Palestinian Arabs.

        Outwardly it looks like the Saudis have had a change of heart concerning Israel but in the light of Israel and Arab history things will never be settled between Esau and Jacob’s descendents. While we see the patriarch Jacob supposedly reconciled with his brother Esau after Jacob had wrestled through the night even until daybreak with His Messiah at the Brook Jabbok, history shows that the enmity hostility and virulent militancy of Esau’s descendants towards Israel continues to this day. The ‘Palestinian’ aggression towards Israel continues unabated. However, a day is coming when the LORD will deal decisively with the Islamic Arab world.

        Amos the prophet writes; “Thus says the LORD, “For three transgressions of Edom and for four I will not revoke its punishment, Because he pursued his brother with the sword, While he stifled his compassion; His anger also raged continually, And he maintained his fury forever. “So I will send fire upon Teman And it will consume the fortresses of Bozrah.” (Amos 1:11-12)

        To this day militant Islam continues its relentless pursuit of the Jewish people. Edom is located in Southern Jordan and sweeps into Saudi Arabia. Teman is also located in Saudi Arabia and we are told in the Bible that the geographical region of Edom sweeps from Teman to Dedan, both of which are located in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. (Ezekiel 25: 12-14) In Bible prophecy when we read about Edom we are reading about the whole geographical landmass that includes Southern Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf States which are all Islamic. In the Bible virtually all of the countries named in connection with Biblical prophecy are all Islamic today. Now God says He is going to pour out His wrath on Edom because they have committed three sins.

Firstly; God will judge the militant anti-Israel Islamic Arab world because “Edom pursued his brother with a sword.”

        Today Esau’s seed continues to pursue Jacob’s seed the Israelis with the sword through, suicide bombings, stabbings, assassinations, incendiary devices and rockets launched daily over the Gaza border into Israel and so it continues unabated.

Secondly; God will judge the militant anti-Israel Islamic Arab world because “Edom stifled his compassion.”

       Today Abbas and his henchmen have no compassion for the Israelis and refuse aid from Israel and even from other western nations while multitudes of people in Gaza suffer deprivation at the hands of Abbas and the Hamas terrorist organization. They even stifle their compassion on multitudes of Palestinian civilians who want to escape to Israel to escape the oppresive Hamas regime. There is no compassion from Abbas and his henchmen towards the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza who do not want war with Israel. When militant Jihad minded Muslim Arabs are not killing others they go to killing each other. “Ishmael’s seed will always be divided.” (Genesis 16:12)

        While the Persian Gulf States in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula have gone ‘quiet’ to a degree concerning the so called ‘Palestinian State’ issue they are still Esau’s descendants and if the dire circumstances facing them from Iran changed in their favour then the Saudis and the Persian Gulf States ‘would sing a different song’ where Israel is concerned.

Thirdly; God will judge the militant anti-Israel Islamic Arab world because “Edom’s anger “raged continually, and he maintained his fury forever.”

       Last week on national Arabic television Abbas called for a million Arabs to invade Jerusalem and to cease the Temple Mount. Abbas is well known for supporting and extolling the praises of ‘Palestinian’ terrorists who have died as ‘martyrs’ for the so called ‘Palestinian cause.’ Abbas is implacable! He does not care who he sends to become ‘martyrs’ for the cause of Islam. You never see Israeli children strapping on suicide belts or Jewish mothers bringing up their children to be remorseless killers of the Arabs.

         Time and time again Israel has tried to placate Abbas and the Palestinian hierarchy but to no avail. God is going to judge the Islamic world because of its persecution of His people Israel and by inclusion and extension faithful Christians. At present multitudes of Muslims are coming to faith in the Lord Jesus in in the Arab world and are paying a terrible price for their faith but the day is coming when the LORD will deal once and for all with this militant Israel hating legacy Esau has bequeathed to the Arab world, and because of their unabated militancy towards Israel, and by extension and inclusion the faithful Church, the LORD Himself “will send fire upon Teman And it will consume the fortresses of Bozrah.”  Edom will become Toast! (Isaiah 34:8-10)

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