BREXIT for the Brits?

A dear brother and father in the Lord Jesus, sent me two videos on You Tube concerning BREXIT which, as I understand things, concerns England withdrawing from the EU so that England can once more be an independent self-governing nation with its own laws, freedom of choice through self-governance, with a strong and principled parliament elected by the people and a country with the freedom to trade as it wills for the economic benefits of all Brits.

England has a long and rich history of a Biblical Judeo-Christian heritage. There was a time when the Gospel of the Kingdom went forth from England to the nations and as it was said that “the sun never set on the British Empire.” Even though England was an expansionist nation it did bring with it Biblical Protestant Christianity even though it was very ‘British’ in the way it was instituted and implemented in the nations where British colonies were established throughout the British Empire.

Today sadly it can be said that “the sun sets every day on the British Empire.” England at present is spiritually bankrupt. While there are individual believing fellowships, faithful to God’s Word, on the whole and by and large within wider Christendom in England, Christianity is spiritually “a White Elephant.” Churches are closing down and in an increasing number of cases being turned into Mosques while certain suburbs are becoming Islamic conclaves as they are in parts of Europe.

I never gave much thought to BREXIT until I watched these videos. England’s government is divided and Theresa May Englands Prime Minister does not seem to have the clout needed to push through a hard line BREXIT without compromise. Now I understand it very clearly. These two videos make things very simple. The Magna Carta or ‘The Great Charter’ as it is also called, is one of the most important documents in history as it established the principle that everyone is subject to the law, even the king, and guaranteed the rights of individuals, the right to justice and the right to a fair trial. BREXIT would once again make this form of governance possible for the people of England.

The Civil war that Cromwell waged against the royals was to preserve Biblical Christianity and the freedom of democracy and the right and privilege of the common people to elect their own government. Added to this he saw the rights and privileges of having a parliament that made decisions according to the needs of every Englishman and woman. The Church was to be separate from the state but the state parliament itself governed and ruled by the laws of God. This was Cromwell’s mandate as he saw it given to him from God. Many MPs were actually Puritans. They thought Charles wanted to make England Catholic again. Charles Ist married Henrietta Maria, a Roman Catholic from France. Parliament feared this was a sign that he sympathised with Catholics and that she would influence his religious policy. Charles believed in the Divine Right of Kings. This is the idea that God had chosen him to be king and that Parliament had a less important role in government. Protestants believed that, like in their relationship in prayer with God, there was a closer dialogue between the ruler and the ruled. Cromwell saw the Monarchy and the royalists with the money and the power as being above the laws for the common people. If Charles had been able to get his way in England he would have possibly brought England under the rule of European potentates making laws for the Brits and destroying Biblical Christianity in Britain, not to mention controlling the economy and government. Charles was married to a Roman Catholic and she may well have influenced him to open the door to Rome and European political influence if he had won against Cromwell and the Roundheads and retained the crown of England.

The bureaucrats in the EU are doing the same thing and there are men in the English parliament who know this but are hamstrung by a weak prime Minister and her political colleagues. Also remember it was Queen Elizabeth who stopped the European powers, being Spain with its Inquisition, from conquering England and imposing Roman Catholicism and European economic power on the Brits. Today we see the same greedy power hungry elitists behind closed doors in Brussels making laws that do not consider the will of the people over the countries that are members of the European Union. In a very real sense we see the emergence of the new Roman Empire.

The European Union was originally called “the treaty of Rome.” Having said this in relation to Biblical Prophecy it is not Rome that arises out of the ashes of past history but Islam! Biblical prophecy is for the most part Middle-Eastern centred, not western centred. The Bible is a Middle-Eastern Book, not a western book. Most of the nations named in Biblical prophecy are all Islamic today. Historically it was Islam that finally conquered the Roman Empire with the fall of Constantinople in May 1453. Today we see the same thing happening as Islam invades Europe through unrestrained immigration from Islamic countries. The Islamic beast empire wounded by the sword lives yet again! It has been ‘resurrected’ from the dead as it were. Its deadly wound has been healed! Rome may well fall again! Even the Popes head may be served up on a platter and presented to the Supreme Caliph of Islam if the city of Rome itself falls to Islam. Muslims have for centries wanted to invade and conquor Rome.

BREXIT must happen if England is to remain free from the pagan, idolatry and hedonistic morally corrupt, spiritually bankrupt nations of Europe. England itself is also in need of a spiritual revival such as we saw under John Wesley. It is little wonder that Islam is on the rise in Europe. Islam is the modern equivalent to the ancient Babylonian Empire. The Roman Empire did what the EU is trying to do in removing the sovereignty of the member nations of the EU. England then needs a strong man like an Oliver Cromwell or a Winston Churchill who will shake the British parliament out of its indolence and complacency and unite parliament for the good of the English people and also for the continuance of Biblical Christianity which was the reason for England’s greatness as a nation! Will England survive nationally and spiritually?

As already mentioned the Roman Empire historically fell to Islam. ‘Rome’ may well fall again as the EU embraces the flood tide of Islamic invasion of Europe. The Islamic Trojan Horse may well be the downfall of the EU. If Britain goes through with BREXIT they may be spared by God’s sovereignty and especially if they repent as a nation and turn back to the Judaeo-Christian heritage of the Bible that made England great! England must exit the EU as it is a matter of retaining independence and with it the hope that England will be spiritually revived. The Civil war between Cromwell and King Charles 1st was not only a fight for Biblical Christianity and governance in England but also to keep English sovereignty, freedom of speech, a parliament for the people and Biblical Christianity independent from Europe.

The Magna Carter written to keep the ruling bureaucrats and King John’s nobles in line must never be discarded as it was a document that stopped the ‘elite’ from lording it over the people of England. Centuries later if Oliver Cromwell had not been raised up by the sovereign purposes of God then England would have become a Roman Catholic country and lost its sovereignty to self-govern with its Judeo-Christian Biblical roots and heritage. If England is to survive and maintain its independence then the people must vote in a government and prime minister who will take the initiative to activate BREXIT.

Great Britain desperately needs a man in the character of Winston Churchill. If England does not exit the EU then it will become a ‘pawn’ in the hands of Bureaucrats in Europe who will make decisions that do not require a vote from the English people. The Roman Empire is being formed in Europe but its adversary will be Islam. Historically the Roman Empire was conquered by Islam when Constantinople fell to Islam. Possibly history will repeat itself and ‘Rome’ will fall again to Islam. The Pope may well have his head served up on a platter before the caliph of Islam? The Islamic Trojan Horse in Europe may well open the back door to an Islamic invasion that will engulf much of Europe.

If England regains its sovereignty through BREXIT by October this year God may well  save England from Islamic dominance and the hedonistic EU with its Israel hating, Bible hating, Christian hating policies and from the bureaucrats in the EU accountable to no one, and in their view not even accountable to God before whom they will have to answer one day. Look at how Britain stood alone against the Germans in WW11 and had a man to lead them through Britain’s ‘darkest hour’ being Churchill. A man in his character could well push BREXIT to become a reality for all the brits and through it open the way for a return to the God of their forefathers to defeat Islam as they defeated the Germans. In the Battle of Britain it was the Brits alone that broke the Nazi air-power which the Germans did not recover from fully. Behind the scenes were the prayers of the saints and parliamentarians as they put aside their political differences to pray and work for the survival of Great Britain during those dark days of WWII engulfing the nation.

There is still hope for Britain if there is a spiritual revival and the Church returns to its Biblical roots. God can raise up another Wesley with the same message the man had burning in his soul, namely the salvation of sinners and the sanctification of the saints! God may well remember England and give this nation one last chance to repent even though it seems “the axe has already been laid to the root.” The tree has not yet toppled! May the LORD have mercy one last time upon England! Behind the scenes is a spiritual war going on between God and Satan for the control of man and Satan is seeking to destroy Judaism and Biblical Christianity because he knows that these two people groups will ultimately defeat him and co-reign with the Messiah.

Will the saints in Britain rise to the occasion? Will the Church repent and throw out its ecumenism, interfaith associations, its hyper Charismania, hyper faith, hyper prosperity, seeker sensitive theology, their religious traditions and there unbiblical manifestations and practices? Will the leaders of the Church of England repent and return to the God that made Britain a bastion of Biblical truth and effectiveness in that nation? Will the Church go back to the absolute authority of the Bible in all matters pertaining to faith, doctrine and Chritian living? Only God can save Great Britain!

The cross guarantees that the New Covenant will work and prevail! Satan knows his time is short and he is desperately trying to remove the Biblical Judeo-Christian foundation that has given the western democracies freedom to preach the gospel of the Kingdom to the nations. In the end only the return of the Lord Jesus will save this planet from annihilation, save Israel, save the saints, destroy Antichrist and his beast system of government and establish the Messianic Millennial Kingdom of God on earth. (Matthew 24:21-22; 29-31) (Isaiah 2:1-5) (Micah 4:1-8) There is only one lawfully ordained King of the whole universe and that is our Lord Jesus the Messiah! When He comes back everything will change! So then will it be BREXIT for the Brits? The national and spiritual survival of England may well depend on the outcome!