A Sleeping Giant

       Two days ago it was reported in the press online that the number of Turkish Embassies in Africa rose from 12 to 42. The man from Turkey has been solidifying his supporters through economic ties with Africa. Undoubtedly his real and hidden agenda is to spread the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood globally, an ideology he adheres to himself. During his speech at the 3rd African Muslim Religious Leaders Summit in Istanbul He stressed; “We increased the number of Turkish embassies in the African continent from 12 to 42.” He also stated; “Our bilateral trade, which reached $24 billion, is increasing day by day, tourism is developing, cooperation between the [African] countries and Turkey is strengthening, and the number of mutual visits is increasing at every level.” He also expressed determination that the trade volume between Turkey and Africa will exceed $50 billion dollars in the coming period. “We strive to increase the number, capacity and potentialities of our diplomatic missions in African countries,” he stressed. He also used the term “Turkey’s African brothers and sisters.”

        Clearly it seems the man from Turkey is targeting the Islamic African countries to gain support for his Caliphate and using economic and diplomatic means to achieve his ultimate goal. Earlier this year, he was in Pakistan consolidating economic ties with that Fundamentalist Islamic country which persecutes Christians. Once he has gained all of Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan and has them under his control he will most certainly have the backing of Iran in his spreading empire. He will also have Israel fenced in from the North. The Golan Heights will most probably be his entrance point to invade the Holy Land located on Israel’s Northern border. Hezbollah would follow Turkey in any invasion of Israel. A deterrent to Turkey at present is that America still has military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan but should these also be withdrawn by President Trump for whatever reason then Turkey would make incursions into these countries as well and be supported in this by Iran who would then have Iraq as well. Most likely Turkey would give Iraq to Iran.

       However, the man from Turkey must get as much of Africa as he can and Egypt and the Saudi Arabian Peninsula to effectively get Israel in a pincer movement coming from the South of Israel with the entrance point being Bozrah in Southern Jordan. It seems clear that President Erdogan’s ultimate goal is to make his headquarters in Jerusalem and to establish the Caliphate there and to be the champion of the Palestinian Arab cause which he has publically demonstrated by his rhetoric in the press concerning this matter. If this is the case it is at Jerusalem he will meet his end and that not by any human hand! God will see to it personally! (Daniel 11:45)

      The prophet Daniel writes concerning the last King of the North (Turkey) about his conquest of much of Africa and Egypt. “He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood. He will also invade the Beautiful Land (Israel). Many countries will fall, but Edom (Southern Jordan), Moab (Central Jordan) and the leaders of Ammon (Northern Jordan) will be delivered from his hand (because by and large they are Palestinian Arab enclaves that will join him in his conquest of Jerusalem.) He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and the South Sudanese in submission.” (Daniel 11:40b-42)

        As for Northern Syria he is not pulling back on his ambition to expand the Turkish Empire in the region. He still has to bide his time concerning the overthrow of Assad because even though he knows that the Assad regime is backing the Kurds, and also knows that Assad is presently backed by Russia. Yesterday President Erdogan told the media that he was not interested in a ‘Syrian land grab’ but this could just be disinformation to gain time until he has the following of the Islamic world in his quest for Jihad. In a Jihad Muslims can give disinformation and even practice deception in the face of their enemies and seem to comply with the demands made of them. However, when they have the upper hand, they strike their enemies with the lightning speed of a deadly poisonous adder!

        President Trump needs to seriously consider his next move concerning Turkey. At present there are some American forces still in Syria guarding the oil refineries there but eventually all American personnel in the region most likely will be withdrawn in the coming weeks or months? Added to this it does not seem economic sanctions will prevent Turkey from further military action in Northern Syria. President Erdogan has made it abundantly clear that he will continue the war against the Kurds if he cannot have all of his ‘demands’ met. If the YPG pull out they are scared that the Turks will kill the civilians and many of the Kurdish fighters have their wives and children to consider. When you consider the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks last century the same thing could happen to the Kurds in Northern Syria.

       What kind of ‘deal’ will President Trump have to consider concerning Turkey after tomorrow’s deadline if Turkey continues the fight in Northern Syria? Added to this the man from Turkey has declared he wants nuclear weapons and it would not be surprising to see Iran sending their nuclear technicians to help Turkey once Turkey has the nuclear capability. It is doubtful whether further economic sanctions by America on Turkey will work in the long term. While some leaders in the EU outwardly condemn Turkey’s military offensive in Syria they seem to be powerless to really do anything to hinder it because Europe is dependent to a large degree on Middle-Eastern oil and the bureaucrats behind closed doors in the EU do not like dealing with America. President Trump’s efforts for peace in the region are to be commended yet it seems everything that America has done so far in relation to Turkey is to have awakened “a sleeping giant!”