A New Order to be Resurrected?

“Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed.”

       Last week a Four Day Summit was held in Malaysia where Leaders from 20 Muslim nations gathered in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday for a conference that ironically was shunned by Saudi Arabia. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi confirmed neither he nor President Imran Khan would be attending the conference on Tuesday, saying Pakistan pulled out over concerns it could “divide the Muslim world”. Imran Khan backing out is especially strange considering he was a primary backer of the conference, alongside Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, according to Reuters.

       Listening to the speeches of two of the key-note speakers Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey it was clear that there was a clear clarion call going out to the Muslim world to propagate an Islamic world empire with a global agenda and to restore the Islamic civilization to the world. In his speech President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said “The world order needs a new order to be resurrected based on justice and righteousness.” Of course in the light of what currently happens in Islamic countries the question can be asked what kind of righteousness and justice is implied? Undoubtedly the “new order to be resurrected” was a veiled reference to the resurrection of the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate, which, if established, would see the whole Muslim world rally to the Caliphate.

        Both of these Islamic leaders at the Summit during their speeches made references to the Koran which teaches that Islam is the only true way of life. Also Dr Mahathir Mohamad spoke about the need for an independent global Islam that was financially and economically independent from non-Islamic nations and one that would embrace the whole Muslim world. Listening to the speeches of these two men clearly portrays a stirring in the Islamic world to forge a resurrected empire of Islamic unity. The Saudis and United Arab Emirates apart from Qatar were absent from this conference most likely because of their economic ties to the west and the threat to their own survival.

       As far as the Iranian leader Rohini Hussain, who was attending and undoubtedly supporting the Summit along with his colleagues in the Iranian regime, sees Saudi Arabia as having compromised with the west. Iran has Saudi Arabia in its missile sights if the truth be known and the Saudis know it. Houthi rebels in Yemen, Shiite Muslims backed by Iran, have been waging a relentless war against the Saudis. At this summit another matter that was evident and conveyed was that the Islamic world was being vilified by non-Muslim nations.

       Right now the nations of the world are stirring. China is causing ‘’waves’ as they expand their empire into the South China Sea and spread their presence down through the South Pacific Region. China wants nothing to do with Islam as we see clearly with China’s distain of Islam and its persecution and incarceration of Muslims and destruction and dismantling of Mosques. Possibly in the future there will be a confrontation with China and Islam. We know from the Word of God that as the Islamic antichrist and his forces engage the mightiest of fortresses with the help of his foreign ‘god’ that reports from the east will alarm him. China lays to the east of Turkey (Daniel 11:39; 11:44) undoubtedly a war with Islam and the rest of the world is coming. (Revelation 9:13-19) It is already happening at the urban level as we see terrorist cells operating within both Islamic and non-Islamic countries in populated cities and spreading like gangrene into western nations especially in Europe.

        This resurrected beast empire cannot assimilate into any other culture or ideology but in reality “crushes and devours its victims and tramples underfoot whatever is left and different from all of the previous beast empires.” (Daniel 7:7) It was clear at this Summit that there was an expectant atmosphere that if the Muslim nations of the world could unite socially, economically, financially and even militarily then Islam would spread around the globe. This is Islam’s ultimate agenda. At present much of the Islamic world is still divided but if a man arises who can re-establish the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate then it would rally the whole Muslim world to the cause of Islam. This “resurrected beast empire” will be one that non-Muslim nations will have to confront in the future. The “first beast empire” of Islam is being resurrected in the “Second Beast” Empire beacause the Second beast Empire comes up out of the earth. It is a resurrection! Today we see this resurrected empire striding through the nations of the earth. It is a beast empire that man cannot stop as ultimately it will be spearheaded by Satan dwelling in the Caliph. (Revelation 13:4)

         Even though there will be armies of non-Islamic nations opposing the forces of the Caliph the ultimate demise of Islam will come at the hands of the Messiah and the armies of heaven. (Isaiah 63:1-6) cpr (Revelation 19:11-21) At Jerusalem the antichrist will meet his demise and that not by human hands but by the awesome power of the Messiah!  (Daniel 8:25; 11:45) All world empires arrayed against the LORD of heaven will be crushed all at the same time by the huge rock of the Messianic Kingdom and blown away like chaff in the wind! (Daniel 2:34-35, 44-45) At that time the saints will inherit the Kingdom. (Daniel 7:22, 27) In that day when the dust of battle settles there will only be one kingdom standing and that will be the Messianic Kingdom with our Lord Jesus co-reigning with all of His saints from Jerusalem. (Revelation 5:10) (Isaiah 2:1-5)

       Will this summit of Islamic leaders in Malaysia be the fledgling harbinger of a future empire united under a resurrected Turkish Ottoman Caliphate that will shake western democracy and the non-Islamic world to its very foundations?  Even if this happens as bond-slaves of our Lord Jesus we need to keep our focus on what the apostle John writes; “The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: “The kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our LORD and of His Messiah, and He will reign for ever and ever” (Revelation 11:15) This is our hope and expectation if we belong to the Messiah. His Second Coming to earth to rescue Israel, rapture and resurrect the saints, to destroy all earthly empires arrayed against Him, and to establish His Messianic kingdom on earth is the Blessed Hope of the believer! (Titus 2:13)

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