A ‘Boiling Pot’ from the North?

(Jeremiah: 1: 13-14, 16) “The word of the Lord came to me again: “What do you see?” “I see a pot that is boiling,” I answered. “It is tilting toward us from the north.” 14 The Lord said to me, “From the north disaster will be poured out on all who live in the land….. And I will declare my judgments against them, for all their evil in forsaking me. They have made offerings to other gods and worshiped the works of their own hands.”

        The Word of God Himself had come to Jeremiah the prophet telling him that from the North of the Land of Israel an implacable enemy were on the move towards Jerusalem to invade the Southern kingdom of Judah and that this “boiling pot” would scorch the land of Israel because God’s people by and large had forsaken the LORD, turned away from the Torah and were making offerings and worshipping other ‘gods.’ These ‘gods’ referred to were not just idols of wood and stone but in reality “rulers, authorities, and the powers of this dark world and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” namely operating in the atmosphere just above the surface of the earth. (Ephesians 6:12)

       Napoleon said concerning China “Let China sleep for when she wakes the world will tremble!” Watching a two-part series on 60 Minutes concerning Communist China establishing a presence in the South Pacific Region was a real eye-opener. The island nations that lie to Australia’s north and north-east, stretching from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands to Vanuatu, Fiji and beyond that have been struggling economically are receiving huge amounts of money from the Chinese government to build infrastructure within their respective nations. Many governments in these smaller Pacific Island nations are being bribed with huge amounts of money to provide economic aid for them and of course with it Chinese control.

       Communist China is a formidable military and economic power today and not to be taken lightly and the Americans know this even despite the trade-war between the two nations that is still in play. When you look at a map of these islands being taken over by China you can see that China is effectively cutting of Australia and New Zealand from America.  I can remember many years ago now when I was a teenager back in around 1966 or there about I heard someone who had visited China that there were world maps on the walls of school classrooms in china with certain countries coloured in red and one country was Australia and titled “the New China.”

        Watching the two part report on 60 minutes left one in no doubt that Red China is “a sleeping giant” that has aroused itself from slumber and is now on the move and is an expansionist empire with a global agenda. It is in fact, ”a boiling pot tilting away from the North” towards Australia, for New Zealand and the whole of the South Pacific region. In the southern hemisphere Red China is moving in! Even in Australia Chinse conglomerates and Chinese billionaires are investing in and buying up land and property in the city and rural sector and establishing businesses and doing trade-deals with Australia.

       In the 60 Minutes report it said that at one time the Australian Government were ready to help these struggling nations in the pacific region and they were thankful for the support but now partly due to Australia’s negligence in supporting them an increasing number of government officials in these nations are now turning to China for economic and financial aid and seemingly ‘thumbing their noses up’ at Australia.

       Make no mistake there are wicked principalities and powers spoken of in the Bible in the unseen spiritual realm that are systematically at work today behind the scenes destroying the western democracies that have been historically associated with Judeo-Christianity and Australia is no exception in this satanic strategy. This is happening right now in America and in Israel concerning president Trump and Prime minister Netanyahu who are both the recipients of a ‘witch-hunt’ by their political opponents. There is no doubt that Australia , previously a colony of Britain and a supposed ‘Christian nation,’ is now a ‘post’ Christian Country as we see God’s laws being flouted, ignored and trampled on by men and women in Parliament who do not want God in the schools, educational institutions, the law courts and in society in general.

       Whether it is promoting euthanasia, gender fluidity, same sex-marriage, ‘safe-schools’ programmes, abortion and most of the politicians seeking to remove the Bible and prayer from society all together, it is the work of these spiritual powers of wickedness in the atmosphere that are ‘hell-bent’ on destroying God’s creation. While there is a Christian Prime-Minister in Australia it seems he cannot stem the tide of apostasy, immorality, sodomy, the spiritual and moral pollution and violence coming through the cyber world  and the unbiblical lifestyles and materialism that are permeating every level of Australian society. The generation of Australians now growing up are a ‘post-Christian’ culture. Multitudes of young people are being drawn into the cyber world of violence and sex through iPads, computers, mobile phones and virtual reality games that stimulate the imagination.

       Many other young people are being drawn into these mega-churches preaching health and wealth and kingdom dominion and having it good in this world instead of hearing about the need for repentance, sin, righteousness and the judgement to come. Just as we see the Southern kingdom of Judah with the Babylonian ‘boiling pot’ tilting towards them from the North likewise we see “a boiling pot” to the North tilting towards Australia as Red China expands its empire across the South Pacific. Australia is a nation of idolatry today. This idolatry being perpetrated by wicked spirits in the atmosphere are producing addiction to sport, entertainment, the pursuit of money, pleasure, power and material possessions and the acceptance of inappropriate lifestyles that diametrically oppose the Bible and the Judeo-Christian heritage.

      The Judeo-Christian heritage that came from Great Britain, that has given Australia the freedom and democracy it has enjoyed, now seems to be dissipating as we see the freedom of speech and restrictions coming into play by men and women in high places working against Judeo-Christianity and the Bible and in some cases unwittingly or in other cases wilfully, making Australia ripe for judgement. We may be called “the Lucky Country” but our “luck’ as a nation is running out every day. As we see Red China on the move in the South Pacific, in effect cutting off Australia from America, we may well be seeing a future occupation of Australia by China? With the political upheaval in the White House concerning President Trump America may well be torn by this dissension at the highest level. The day may come when America may no longer have the capability to come to Australia’s defence nor be the ‘global police force’ that it has been in the past.

       Could Australia be ultimately heading for a Chinese invasion? Expanding empires are nothing new in history. For several centuries we saw the immergence of Great Britain as a world empire at its zenith in the 18th and nineteenth centuries and ‘the catch cry’ was “Britannia rules the waves” and it was also said that “the sun never set on the British Empire” but today the sun sets on the British Empire every day! Historically Great Britain in the past was a bastion of Biblical Christianity but today that nation is ‘a white-elephant’ spiritually racked by internal political conflict, anti-Semitism, apostasy and being gradually overrun by Islam just like Europe.

        As for Australia there is undoubtedly a growing threat in the South Pacific region as we see the sleeping Giant that is China awakening and it would also seem a challenge to American influence in the Pacific. Will Red China in fact invade Australia? The only hope for Australia is a return to the Bible and the Judeo- Christian influence that saw England saved from spiritual and moral depravity and from a revolution as France experienced. It was primarily the Biblical revival under John Wesley in England that changed society at every level that has given us the freedom and the democracy we have enjoyed for over two centuries that has made Australia the best country in the world to live in! Multitudes in other nations want to live in Australia.

       Now Australia is being systematically destroyed by those within Parliament who want to see the Bible removed from its churches and courts and from its Judeo-Christian heritage. The “rulers, authorities, and the powers of this dark world and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” are working through these men and women in government positions who are opposed to the Bible but approve of alternate unbiblical lifestyles. With a Christian Prime Minster there is a reprieve from the LORD and we must not forget there are those within Australian political circles and in Parliament and in the Church pews who are seeking to maintain and to defend our Biblical Judeo-Christian heritage and foundation and this is a blessing for Australia.

       However, the time may well come when there will not be enough Bible-believing Christians left to stem the tide of the growing apostasy and the moral and spiritual landslide into unbiblical lifestyles that will inevitably see Red China, “the ‘boiling pot’ from the North’ tip its scorching contents on the land of Australia turning “the sun-burned land” into “a scalding boiling pot!” May it be that the LORD will give Australia one last chance to turn again to the Bible and to the Judeo-Christian heritage that has given us the freedoms we enjoy today. Will this “Boiling Pot tilting away from the North” tip its “scorching contents” upon Australia? In view of these things as Aussies who love and value our freedom “Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.” (Lamentations 3:40)

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