God Still Has Everything Under Control

A Revolution?

In Tuesday’s online edition of Israel Today a headline read; “ANALYSIS: Trump Causes Revolution in Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.” The article went on to say “A revolution is taking place in the way the United States deals with the Palestinian Israeli conflict and it could have serious ramifications for the security situation in Israel some say while others see God’s hand in the stunning developments. Last week the Trump Administration announced it would cut $200 million in U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority until it will receive assurances the PA and Hamas will spend the aid to improve the lives of Palestinians and not on funding terrorism directed at Israel. The money will now be “redirected” from the so-called West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza and will be used “to serve U.S. national interests”, according to a statement by the U.S. State Department.”

Who can you trust?

After reading this article it is about time that funding the PA stopped completely. Cut off their source of supply! Lop off the head of the snake! What President Trump also needs to realise (he may or may not realise it) is that Saudi Arabia is not to be trusted any more than Iran is to be trusted. As for North Korea it is well known that any man of Kim’s ilk will never dismantle completely his nuclear programme. Added to this Kim is a puppet of the Chinese government and with the trade war currently active between China and America it is in China’s best interests to back North Korea as they did in the Korean War which officially has never been terminated. If America was to go to war with North Korea would the Chinese stay out of it?

Sleeper Cells

A recent media report has stated that Iran has sleeper cells all across America. While this has not been substantiated there may well be truth to this matter. Personally I am persuaded that there are sleeper cells on American soil and in other western democracies. When the Islamic Caliphate is established there will be a global uprising of Islam. Moderate Muslims will overnight become servants of Allah and enemies of the west, the Jews and the Christians. President trump is making strides in cleaning up America’s own backyard despite sever opposition from many politicians who have it in for him including most of the media. He is doing what no other President has done and he is to be commended for his tireless effort to try to clean up the Israel / Palestinian conflict which in the long term cannot be fixed by any man or president no matter how competent he may be in doing ‘deals.’ We need to pray for President Trump and for Mike Pence his 2IC as they seek to bring some kind of stability to the wider Middle-East region.

Funding Terrorism

Even the Saudis are known for funding terrorism when it is in their own interests to do so. Remember the hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Lebanon. I do not think anyone involved with Islamic ideology and Sharia law according to the Koran can be trusted. As Jeremiah the prophet wrote; “We applied healing to Babylon, but Babylon cannot be healed.” Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists are the modern Babylonians and they are invading the western democracies as we have seen in Europe. Can you really trust any Muslim country when they are past masters at Taqiyya (the Islamic art of lying in Jihad)? Let’s face it Islam is at war with the west. There is no mild of philosophical Islam, there is only Islam.

‘Visions’ of America

As far as Iran is concerned it is an established fact they fund global terrorism and are backing the Syrian regime to the hilt with designs to destroy Israel. One thing President Trump needs to do is to get the CIA and the FBI to hunt down the terrorist camps hiding out on US soil and get rid of them including the terrorists. The long term problem for America may well be Iranian terrorism rather than the Israel / Palestinian conflict. The Islamic ‘Trojan Horse’ is well entrenched in the western democracies. The UN and the EU in reality are helpless to stem the tide of Islamic fundamentalist Jihad. In past years there have been men who have seen America on fire in many cities in a vision. One in passing was the late David Wilkerson and another, the late Dumitru Duduman, a Romanian pastor who saw the same kind of visions concerning America.

100% accuracy required!

According to the Word of God we know that if what a man prophesies in the name of the LORD comes true a 100% then we know he spoke as he was moved by the Holy Spirit and according to the visions or the word he received. (Deuteronomy 18:17-22) So then a true prophet who prophesies in the name of the LORD will always be 100% accurate. God never gets it wrong and neither do his prophets who hear or see visions from Him. It is one thing to study Bible prophecy and to receive a gradual unfolding of what has been sealed up for centuries and another thing when one makes personal prophecies in the name of the LORD because they are responsible for what they prophesy. There is much ‘personal prophesying’ going around today that in reality is fortune telling dressed in Christian wrapping.

God still has everything under control!

President Trump is doing his best to bring about ‘the Middle-East Deal of the Century’ but what will it cost Israel as far as their land is concerned? Will Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government be asked to give up the West Bank for total Palestinian settlement or even the Golan Heights for that matter? As we see the nations ‘tossing in the sea of turmoil and confusion’ I like what the late David Wilkerson used to always say; “God still has everything under control!” Added to this what does it say in the psalms; “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in princes.” May this be true for President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu and for those leaders in those western democracies who are still seeking to stop the Islamic scourge covering the surface of the globe.

He is Coming back soon!

In the end the only bet that will win is that which is placed on the Rider on the White Horse whose name is the Word of God and who has the armies of heaven following in his train as He strikes down His enemies and rescues His saints and Israel. In that day Islam will be wiped off the face of the earth and “the memory of the wicked blotted out forever!” I am persuaded He is coming soon! Once the man of sin is revealed we know that the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus is only 42 months away. For the sake of His elect saints God will even cut those days short and send the Lord Jesus back! Saints the rescue is coming! When the deluge comes may we have the life jacket of salvation firmly buckled on and be watchful and spiritually sober as we see the Day of the LORD approaching even now is it at the very gates? Whatever is to happen always remember brothers and sisters that God still has everything under control!