“Until all these things are fulfilled”

Who will control Golan?

In yesterday’s edition of Israel Today a headline read; “Trump Admin Moves Toward Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights.” The article went on to say; “For the first time ever, the United States on Friday intended to vote against an annual UN resolution condemning Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights. Ever since Israel seized control of the strategic plateau on the 1967 Six Day War, the US has abstained when the resolution titled “The Occupied Syrian Golan” was brought to a vote. While the resolution is non-binding, the annual ritual has served as an international censure of Israel’s decision in the early 1980s to bring the Golan under its sovereignty. In one of her final major actions before resigning her post, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was set to proudly and officially change the American position on the matter by voting “no” on the resolution. And, while Haley’s vote won’t keep the resolution from passing, it will certainly upset the balance of international diplomacy vis-a-vis the Israeli-Arab conflict by signalling that the US now accepts the Jewish state’s maintaining long-term control over the Golan.

Maintaining Israeli soverignty

In a statement announcing the shift, Haley pointed out that with Syria in tatters, and its rulers having proved themselves to be dangerous war criminals, “if this resolution ever made sense, it surely does not today. “In thanking Haley, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said it was high time for the rest of the world to join Trump’s America in distinguishing “between those who stabilize the region and those who sow terror.” Much the same argument has been made for maintaining Israeli security control, if not sovereignty, over the so-called “Palestinian occupied territories.”

Relinquish the Golan Heights?

Israel must never relinquish the Golan Heights. It is a defence line against the Islamic forces gathering in Syria. Turkey has moved troops into Syria as has Iran. President Erdogan wants to take out the Assad regime to give Turkey absolute control throughout the whole region and to consolidate the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate he wants to resurrect. Then you have Hezbollah in Lebanon with thousands of rockets they want to send against Israel. If Israel relinquishes the Golan Heights back to the Syrians then Israel would be vulnerable to attack from Hezbollah who would move their forces onto the Golan Heights and find the perfect spot to send rockets into Israel. Israel made a huge mistake when they pulled out of Gaza even though it was a difficult time they were having especially from International pressure to do this. Of course once they had relinquished Gaza and pulled out the Jewish settlers from there Hamas moved in and the rest is history. What Hamas are doing from Gaza Hezbollah would do from the Golan Heights if Israel relinquished it to Syria.

A tough road ahead

Prime Minister Netanyahu is under a lot of pressure from the International community not to mention he is facing a possible war on all fronts. Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Turkey, Iran and Syria in the North, not to mention the Arab Palestinian militants in Northern, eastern and Southern Jordan. Added to this he has internal political conflict to deal with. Added to all of this, if Israel relinquished the Golan Heights then Turkey would be able to lead an invasion of Israel across their Northern Border with Iran and other Islamic nations. It would seem that President Erdogan is preparing for an invasion of Israel but first must take out Damascus. (Isaiah 17:1) Also he wants to annexe Egypt and possibly to restore Mohamed Morsi a diehard supporter and member of the Muslim Brotherhood which President Erdogan also supports. Once this occurs Israel would be cut off on all sides especially when Libya and Sudan support Turkey and the Caliphate in the invasion of Israel.

‘The Assyrian’

Historically the King of Assyria took out Damascus and Egypt and then invaded Northern Israel in 722 BC and then around 30 years later tried to take out Jerusalem but the LORD saved the city through the prophet Isaiah (A type of the Lord Jesus, Israel’s Messiah) The situation Hezekiah and Jerusalem faced was the direct threat of total destruction and this time of great trouble for them caused them to look to the LORD through the prophet Isaiah for deliverance. When the LORD intervened the Assyrian army and its king were destroyed. President Erdogan of Turkey is doing what the King of Assyria did. In the Bible “the Assyrian” is a prophetic reference to the Antichrist who will do what the King of Assyria did when he took Damascus, took Egypt and invaded the Holy land. The Assyrian king met his defeat at Jerusalem and so will the Antichrist. (Daniel 11:45)

The Resurrected Caliphate

President Erdogan also knows that Russia supports the Assad regime and Turkey does not want a war with Russia. Russia may sit this one out when Turkey makes their move to consolidate the Islamic forces in the region, annexing Iraq and controlling Lebanon with the full support of Iran. When the timing is right for Russia to make their move then President Erdogan may well find himself and Turkey alarmed and threatened by reports of forces gathering on their northern flank by Russia (to the north) and by China (to the east). (Daniel 11:44)Turkey will eventually take out the Assad regime and Erdogan has vowed to do this. Why? To resurrect and consolidate his proposed Turkish Ottoman Caliphate with himself as the supreme caliph of the Muslim world and to fulfil the role of the prophesied Mahdi.

This Generation will not pass away

Assad is a ‘spanner in the works’ to President Erdogan’s ambition to be the top man in the Muslim world. Once the invasion of Israel happens it will bring about the Time of Jacob’s Trouble for three and a half years. Israel will go into this Time of Great Trouble but be saved out of it at the end. (Jeremiah 30:1-10) At the end of this period of time to save the world from annihilating itself and for the sake of His elect saints God will cut those days short and send the Lord Jesus back to save Israel, destroy the man of sin, rapture and resurrect the saints and inaugurate the Messianic Millennial kingdom. (Matthew 24:21-22) (2 Thessalonians 2:8) (Daniel 11:45) (Matthew 24: 29-31) (Isaiah 2:1-5) (Ezekiel 36:22-38; 37:15-28) In the light of God’s Word and in light of the events in the Middle-East it would seem that we are part of “this generation that will not pass away until all these things are fulfilled.” (Matthew 24:34)