New Two Part Article: The Last Days Body of Messiah


In 70AD the Roman armies under the Roman General Titus sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the temple and not one stone was left upon another, but they were all thrown down. The Temple was burned with fire at the hands of Arab Auxiliaries that were part of the Roman armies. The heat was so intense that the gold in the temple melted and flowed down through the cracks in the bricks. Forty years before these events occurred the Messiah our Lord Jesus prophesied these things would happen down to the very last detail. It would end the Biblical religious system of Mosaic Judaism. The religious traditions of the Jewish people and the temple in which they had trusted for their security were gone (Matthew 24:1-2) (Luke 21:20-24).

Prophetically this teaches us what is going to happen to wider Christendom at the very end of this age and to its denominational structures. Multitudes of professing Christians in the western democracies are very much like the Jews before 70AD that were trusting in their religious traditions and structures even though they knew the scriptures…

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