The Gathering Storm

Solving the conflict?

According to the SBS News report tonight on television and according to a headline in the Washington Post and other news sources online the leaders of Iran and Russia will be meeting in Turkey with President ‘General’ Erdogan to discuss how to resolve the seven year conflict that has been an ongoing war in Syria. In light of this I wanted to share some thoughts concerning this situation. I am not saying that what I have written will happen exactly as described but felt I needed to share these thoughts. My thoughts were also focused on the real purpose of this meeting? Of course I was thinking about what the Word of God might have to say about this meeting concerning Turkey, Iran and Russia.

With their hearts bent on evil

As I read online about this future conference to be held in Turkey I was reminded of what it says in Daniel chapter 11 about the King of the North and the King of the South meeting together but with deceit and subterfuge in their hearts towards each other. Daniel writes; “The two kings, with their hearts bent on evil, will sit at the same table and lie to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time.” (Daniel 11:27) The King of the North was the aggressor. These two kings Daniel mentions historically were Antiochus and Philometor who sat at the same table to eat together and converse while nurturing sedition and betrayal.

They need Syria

It is interesting that this meeting between Russia, Iran and Turkey is being hosted in Ankara at the behest of ‘General’ Erdogan. While the subject is the future of Syria Erdogan is aware that Russia is supporting the Assad regime which is not in Turkey or Iran’s best interests. Having said this both Turkey and Iran need to gain Syria so that together they can consolidate an Islamic front on the border between Israel and Syria in the North. There is no doubt that Erdogan has his sights set on becoming the Caliph of the whole Muslim world and that Iran is in support of this but they need Syria especially since it is bordered by Israel.

The gathering storm

Daniel tells us that there is a principality (powerful demonic spirit) over Iran and one over Turkey and that these two Islamic nations will be involved in a future war with Israel. (Daniel 10:13-14, 20) Ultimately Turkey and Iran will have to deal with Russia if they betray Putin. We are also told in Daniel that when the forces of the last King of the North, namely the Antichrist in the character of Antiochus, invades Egypt on his way to invade Israel, that reports from the North and the east will alarm him. (Daniel 11: 44) North of Turkey is Russia and east of Turkey is Red China. Putin will in no way countenance Islamic dominance in Russia neither will Red China tolerate it either. Russia’s historical religious roots is Russian Orthodox and China’s religious roots, Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

As for America

It is most likely that Russia will be betrayed by Turkey and Iran and go to war with Turkey and possibly with Iran because Iran will support Turkey. Historically Russia and Turkey have had wars with each other before. This war will possibly escalate  on Syrian soil. As for America President Trump announced today that they will be pulling out the American forces from Syria with the excuse that ISIS is virtually defeated. America is already at odds with China over the recent trade war and their relationship is not good. Added to this President Trump is aware that China supports North Korea. America cannot afford a war with North Korea because of the threat of China becoming involved as they did in the Korean War. Once American forces have gone from Syria it would not be surprising to see Turkey and Iran overthrow the Assad government as he will have been a hindrance to the establishment of a global Islamic Turkish Ottoman Caliphate. Gadhafi had to go, Saddam Hussein had to go and Assad is the only one left in the whole region hindering a united Islamic empire in Syria and Iraq that will be right next to Israel. Of course Assad might try to join forces with Turkey and Iran but Erdogan and Rouhini will see him as a threat. As the saying goes; “too many cooks spoil the broth.”

The last King of the North

We know from the prophet Daniel that the last King of the North (which I am persuaded is Turkey) will be the one that “attacks the mightiest fortresses with the help of a foreign god” being Allah (the Arabic moon-god of war symbolized by the crossed swords). (Daniel 11:39) It will be an all-out war in the Middle-east between the last King of the North (Turkey and other islamic nations) with the last King of the South (possibly America and its allies and possibly even Russia?). Possibly America will be one of the nations that fights for Israel? Ultimately this last King of the North, namely the Antichrist himself, will not only be a past master of supernatural intrigue and deceit but will also invade the Holy Land just like Antiochus did and cause terrible devastation including the persecution of the saints of the Most High God. (Daniel 7:21, 25; 8:9-12, 23-25; 11:31; 12:7) (Revelation 13:7)  Once the Man from Turkey conquers Egypt and much of Africa including the United Arab Emirates he will have a Sunni crescent. Once Iran has Iraq and Syria they will form the Shiite crescent. In the middle will be Israel. Turkey and Iran and other islamic armies joining forces would be able to put into action a pincer movement against Israel.

He will come to his end

The Antichrist will ultimately come to his end at Jerusalem at the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus the Messiah. (Daniel 8:23; 11:45) At that time Antichrist and his forces will be annihilated by the rider on the white horse accompanied by the armies of heaven and other nations who have resisted Antichrist. (Micah 5:5-9) (Ezekiel 28:7-10) (Isaiah 63:1-6) (Revelation 19:11-21) The remnant of Israel will also fight at Jerusalem. (Zechariah 14:14) After this “the saints,” both believing Jews and Gentiles, will inherit the Messianic Millennial Kingdom. (Daniel 7:22, 27) (Revelation 5:10)

Until all these things are fulfilled?

As in all things related to Biblical eschatology time will tell of course if this is the way things will turn out according to the Bible. One thing is for sure it is now 70 years since the rebirth of the State of Israel. It may be that a significant event in God’s prophetic calendar for Israel and the nations may occur later this year or even on May 14th? I am most certainly not ‘date-setting’ of course but I am persuaded that in the light of current events in the Middle-East that the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus the Messiah is not that far away. Possibly our generation will not pass away until all these things are fulfilled?