NEWSBITE 27.11.2023

(Revelation 13: 4b) “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war with him?”

On Saturday a headline appeared in a major online news publication that said; “Biden hopeful about Israel-Hamas truce extension, US hostages release.”  In the article it stated; “U.S. President Joe Biden said on Friday that the chances were “real” of a truce between Israel and Hamas being extended and he expressed hope that U.S. citizens taken hostage by the Palestinian militant group would be freed soon. Biden also praised U.S. diplomacy behind the truce and Friday’s release of 24 hostages who were taken by Hamas to Gaza in its Oct. 7 attack on Israel, saying it was the start of what he expected would be further releases in coming days. “Beginning this morning, under a deal reached by extensive U.S. diplomacy, including numerous calls I’ve made from the Oval Office to leaders across the region, fighting in Gaza will halt for four days,” Biden told a press conference.

Asked whether the truce could be extended, Biden said: “I think the chances are real.” Biden declined to speculate about how long the Israel-Hamas war would last. Asked by a reporter what his expectations were, Biden said Israel’s goal of eliminating Hamas was a legitimate but difficult mission. “I don’t know how long it will take,” Biden told reporters. “My expectation and hope is that as we move forward, the rest of the Arab world and the region is also putting pressure on all sides to slow this down, to bring this to an end as quickly as we can.”

There is no doubt Biden either is ignoring or does not have a clue about dealing with Islamic Jihad-minded leaders skilled in the art or Taqiyya, an Islamic precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice when faced with an enemy they cannot overcome. Generally, this practice in a time of Jihad has been a feature of Islam since its earliest days, and is acknowledged by Muslims of virtually all persuasions. In a time of Jihad a Muslim is permitted to lie and to give disinformation to a sworn enemy while masking their hostility towards that enemy but only until they have the upper hand and then they strike hard with a remorseless savagery.

Biden and the leaders of the west in reality are scared of Islam, either that, or they are just plain ignorant of the ideology of Islam to conquer the western democracies by the sword, hence you have the image of crossed scimitars pointing upwards on all Islamic flags and banners, a symbol of conquest by the sword. Islam has a global agenda. Possessing the land of Israel is not their ultimate goal. The Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology, which permeates Islam, is to have a global Islamic Empire or Caliphate. Their wider target is the continent of Europe and the countries of Canada, England, America, New Zealand and Australia and wherever they can establish an Islamic enclave.

What is happening to Israel is also happening within the nations of the world but the mainstream media and the politicians of western civilization do not really see what is happening, or the government controlled mainstream media are just filtering the truth. The protests around the world against Israel in relation to Gaza seem to be centred in so called ’Palestinian’ rights, however, those Muslim agitators intermingled with the protestors and stirring them up in cities and on University campuses have a much wider agenda. They know that if they can get disunity within the western nations then they can establish an Islamic Trojan Horse.

Do you think Islamic Jihad minded Muslims will stop with Israel? No! They are on a global Jihad! For example, attacking an enemy from outside its city walls costs casualties, however, if you have operatives already entrenched at every level of society within the walls of the city itself then the time will come when they will have enough operatives within that city among its population to open the gates of the city for the main invasion force. Islamic ideology sees Israel as Satan and America as the Great Satan.

Islamic Jihad-minded remorseless killers may be gaining ground throughout the Middle-East but Europe will be next as we see European countries being invaded through Islamic migration. Muslims have lots of children and in a democracy where the people vote for their political leaders they want if you have enough Muslims with voting rights then they can elect whatever party they choose. There are already Islamic political parties in western governments throughout Europe, in Canada and in Great Britain, in America and even in Australia.

Now everyone is glad to see hostages being released and last night (Sunday evening 26.11.2023) seventeen more hostages were released by the Hamas terror organization and transported to the Israeli border by the International Red Cross. Undoubtedly this was good news for their families and friends and for the Israelis. Having said this, the reality is that Hamas are only playing for time and by releasing prisoners a few at a time they are lengthening the process of this ‘humanitarian pause’ as they are calling it. Hamas wants to regroup and replenish their weaponry and releasing the hostages a few at a time allows them to do this.

Biden and other western leaders at the UN and the EU and even the Arab states are undoubtedly putting pressure on Bibi Netanyahu to extend the cease-fire for the sake of the hostages. However, if Israel gives in to an extension past the four-day ‘cease-fire’ of sorts then this will create more problems for Israeli defence forces on the ground in Gaza. Extending the so called ‘ceasefire’ would allow the Hamas terrorists to possibly even move, coerce or smuggle Gaza citizens back into northern Gaza which would make things more difficult for the IDF still in Gaza.

With IDF soldiers, their tanks and armoured vehicles just stationary they would be susceptible to acts of sabotage. Then you would have the danger of tunnels and other places being booby trapped by Hamas. Whatever has been achieved by the IDF in the tunnels so far has effectively been stopped in its tracks by this ‘cease-fire’ or as they are calling it a ’humanitarian pause.’ No IDF soldier would be safe from snipers or from Hamas killers dressed like civilians with suicide belts strapped to their bodies. How many IDF soldiers would lose their lives if the so called ‘cease-fire’ is extended?

Let’s be honest, if Biden really cared for getting the hostages back he would relentlessly pressure Qatar to get all of the hostages free using their negotiating power of persuasion with Hamas and if not then threaten Qatar with moving US Military bases out of Qatar and relocating them into the UAE and stop dealing with Qatar. Qatar has negotiating authority with Hamas whose leaders by and large are living in the lap of luxury in Qatar itself while getting others to wear suicide belts in Gaza. Whose side in Qatar on anyway? Whose side are the Arab nations on? You never see Imams and Mullahs of the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah or the Mullahs of Iran and Syria or in Iraq strapping on suicide belts as they get others to do their dirty work for them.

Now Israel cannot afford an extension to the cease-fire. There is no guarantee that Hamas will completely cooperate anyway where the hostages are concerned unless it is to their advantage to do so. It is a sad thing for the hostages and their families and this is no light matter and it makes the decisions for the Israel government very difficult, yet if Biden really cared he would deal with Qatar decisively by putting pressure on them rather than on Israel.

Now according to Revelation Chapter 13 the beast empire of the Antichrist will be one that cannot be fought head on as it is already inside the city walls of western democracy. How do you make war with an enemy that not only fights using its civilians as a shield and whose operatives are well entrenched within the western nations? How do you fight an enemy that dresses as civilians but have malevolent intent to kill and to maim others even if they are Gaza civilians? How do you fight an enemy that is a past master at disinformation, deceit and lies?

Let’s face it, the western political leaders by and large including Biden, do not seem to know or choose not to know the reality of the Islamic Jihadist mindset to conquer the nations of the world for Islam. It is only a matter of time before the walls of western democratic civilization will be breached and collapse by the implacable and remorseless hordes of Islamic tyranny. If you look at the past history of Islamic conquests you will see this pattern repeated over and over again.

The Islamic Jihadist mindset then wants to own the Land of Israel but it will not stop there as the nations will be next on Islam’s global agenda. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said this publically when speaking in a press conference last week when he said to the political leaders of the west “You are next!” A time is rapidly approaching where we will see a three and a half year period of great tribulation that will be like nothing that has occurred in past history and never to be equalled again in the future (Revelation 13:5) (Daniel 12:1, 7). The resurrected beast empire of Islam, will bring such devastation to the whole world that God will send the Messiah our Lord Jesus back to destroy Islamic power and to judge Islam because of the way it has treated Jews and Christians (Isaiah 63:1-6) (Amos 1:11-12). The whole book of Obadiah deals with this matter (See the study on this website titled “And the Kingdom Will be the Lords”).

Things will come to the point, where for the sake of God’s elect people, the survival of Israel and for the Body of Messiah spiritually grafted into the Olive Tree (Israel), and for the very survival of all flesh itself, God will cut those days of Great Tribulation short suddenly and that with a sweeping swiftness (Matthew 24:21-22). After the dust of battle has settled and the Messiah proclaims victory from the Mount of Olives, having destroyed all opposition on earth to God’s Kingdom, it is at that time that Israel will indeed possess their possession, and possess the gates of their enemies, and no one will make them afraid ever again! To this the scriptures testify! (Obadiah 1:17) (Genesis 22:17) (Micah 4:4) (Zephaniah 3:13).