“The Greatest Enemy of Anti-Semitism is the Truth!”

The Christian Millennials

On Tuesday this week in the online edition of Israel Today a headline read; “Christian Millennials Visit Israel, Realize Media’s Been Lying to Them.” The article went on to say; “An international group of millennials have seen the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a new light after engaging with both sides – and being shocked by what they discovered. A party of eleven young people from seven nations were brought together for the chance to understand issues from the point of view of those living there. They were deliberately not primed to view things from any particular perspective in order to allow them to form their own conclusions through interviews and talks with representatives of both Israelis and Palestinians. Their three-week trip was recorded on film for a feature-length documentary called Quest for Truth, now available on YouTube.”**

The ‘Occupation?’

I watched the video and it once again reinforced the real truth concerning the Israel/Palestinian Arab conflict. These young people interviewed both Israeli and Palestinian leaders and found out the truth and it greatly differed from the biast sewerage being spewed out against Israel by most of the media as these young people discovered first hand. As they spoke to some Palestinian leaders these Palestinians said they wanted peace with Israel but clearly they wanted it on their own terms. In their response to the questions posed by these Millennials they constantly made references to “the occupation” clearly showing an inbuilt bias towards Israel as a sovereign nation. They also spoke about supposed ‘sanctions’ made against them by Israel and yet not being able to acknowledge the fact that Israel were seeking to protect Israel citizens from constant rocket attacks from Hamas from over the Gaza border, hence they built the security wall and fence. The basic premise that also came through from the Palestinian leaders was that Palestinian Arabs should have their own homeland yet the irony of this is that they did have their own homeland for over 20 years in the Transjordan given to them under the British Mandate. Before Arafat came along, (An Egyptian by birth and not an Arab) to promote the so called ‘Palestinian cause,’ the status of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was never really in question.

IDF Ethical standards

When these Millennials spoke with Israeli commanders they found out that the IDF has a high ethical standard even in combat where their immediate enemies were concerned. One of the first things they teach IDF recruits is a basic standard of ethics. The Israelis are well known for their own medical teams treating wounded terrorists they have captured in combat even when the Israel medics are being pelted with rocks and other debris by Palestinian Arab youth. IDF will always drop leaflets over Gaza to tell the residents to seek cover once they have been informed that Israeli air strikes against Hamas enclaves are coming. However, often the Hamas terrorists will force the civilians in Gaza to stay in their homes because these Hamas operatives are seeking to exploit and take advantage of the IDF ethics and mercy often shown by the IDF even to their enemies who had been wounded and captured.

The Security Fence

The subject of the security Fence came up which has receives a lot of publicity in the media and virtually all of it bad and heavily orientated towards favouring the Palestinian Arab cause because the media usually only show the concrete wall to convey the lie that the Palestinian Arabs are in a walled Ghetto which of course is not the case at all. The truth is that the security wall and fence is 450 miles long and only 5% is concrete and the rest is wire fencing. Has it been effective in protecting Israel citizens from terrorist attacks? Most definitely it has! Between the years 2,000-2006 4,000 terrorist attacks occurred and 1,526 Israelis were murdered. From January 2007 when the wall and fencing were virtually completed up until the present time there have been 31 terror attacks and 27 people murdered by the terrorists. The murder rate went down well over 90%. What country would not defend its citizens from terrorism in any way they could? Yet when Israel does it they are ‘demonized’ as it were by the media, the EU and the UN and the whole Muslim world for that matter if the truth be known and even in wider Christendom a growing critical spirit towards Israel is surfacing.

Fair Treatment

Israel has established check points between Gaza and Israel and there are gates open all day long and each Palestinian Arab village has a gate. When the Israelis have sought to purchase Palestinian Arab land for Jewish settlements they have offered them a fair and generous price for their land and added costs for any damages received from the ongoing conflict. Many of the Palestinian Arabs want to accept their offer as it would make their own lives better off economically, however, they are frightened by the Palestinian Authority under Abbas who will think they are siding with the Israelis.

Zones in the West Bank

In this ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs the IDF takes measures to save lives on both sides. As for the subject of the West Bank which came up in the video there are three zones. One zone is exclusively for Palestinian Arab settlements completely governed by the PA. Then there is a second zone under Palestinian Arab and Israeli control and finally the third zone under Israel control and the leaders of these zones meet regularly to discuss issues related to the Arab and Israeli settlements where communities live together side by side with their neighbours. The real problem for Muslims and Jews wanting to live in peace in Israel is radical Islam seen in ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah not to mention countries like Iran and Turkey that are militantly anti-sematic and anti-Israel.

Blessed or cursed?

Historically and Biblically those nations that have helped Israel have been blessed by the LORD but those nations that haven’t done this have come under the judgement of God as the Word of God states that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. (Genesis 12:2-3) During the late 1930’s just prior to the outbreak of WWII it was clear to Churchill in England and Roosevelt in America that Jews were being persecuted in Germany and seeking to leave Europe because of the increasing and escalating violence against Jews. However, both the governments of England and America refused to take the Jewish refugees in. Tragically the Holocaust came and millions of Jewish men, women and children went into the fiery ovens of the Nazi murderers. However, God remembered these two nations that turned away Jewish refugees fleeing from persecution and London and Pearl harbour were bombed with fire. President Roosevelt died in 1945 and Churchill fell from power soon after. It does not pay to mess with Israel! Let the leaders of the nations be warned today!

WW2 and WW3

I am persuaded that WWII occurred primarily because of what the nations were doing to the Jewish people. Added to this WWIII may well happen for the same reason and those nations bringing sanctions against Israel and attacking Israel and promoting ‘Israel bashing’ through these sanctions and through their media outlets will find Islamic terrorism erupting on their very own soil, already it has started in Europe and England. Radical Islamic terrorists not only kill non-Muslims but also kill their own people. Ishmael’s seed will always be divided. I am further persuaded that the Caliphate is going to make a comeback and that Turkey will be the seat of the Caliphate and if this happens the whole Islamic world will follow this Supreme Caliph of Islam and ultimately go down with him into eternal perdition where there is no reprieve. At present Erdogan is seeking to re-establish the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate and positioning himself in the whole Islamic world to take the top job!

The truth of the matter

It is time that Christendom and the world know the real truth concerning Israel from God’s perspective as revealed in His Word the Bible. The facts remain; 1. The Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people as “their everlasting possession” through the descendants of Isaac and Jacob and not through Ishmael of Esau. (Genesis 17:7-8, 21) 2. The land extends from the River Euphrates to the Wadi of Egypt and this includes the West bank and the Golan Heights. (Genesis 15:17-19) 3. The Israelites were there since the conquest of Canaan (Israel today) under Joshua over 4,000 years ago. 4. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years and this is attested to in God’s Word and by historical records and archaeology findings. 5. Israel’s national restoration occurred in 1948 and the nation is still to experience a spiritual restoration in the future, both facts are attested to in the writings of the Major and the Minor Prophets. Troubled times are ahead for Israel and they have to pass through the Time of Jacob’s Trouble but they will be saved out of it. (Jeremiah 30:1-7) One of the young Millennials on the video said concerning the real state of things in Israel; “The greatest enemy of Anti-Semitism is the truth!”

**Video Link: http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/34562/Default.aspx